Recreatiepark De Boshoek

Hiking and cycling in the Veluwe area

Discover the most beautiful walking and cycling routes in the Veluwe area

The forest area near De Boshoek is amazing. If you walk from our park to the Apeldoornsestraat, there are spots everywhere where you can walk or cycle straight into the woods. It will take you along the most beautiful places, the best restaurants and vast heath landscapes. So don't wait any longer and pick your cycling or hiking route. Where will you go today?


Discover the great natural diversity on the Veluwe while pedaling through the forest. We'd like to highlight our favorite cycling routes for you.

Hiking trails

You'll discover the majestic nature while roaming along heathlands and marshes. We share the best hiking routes with you.

The most beautiful nature areas around Recreatiepark De Boshoek

Whether you come for a walk or to cycle along one (or more) of the beautiful cycling routes: you will marvel at the nature of the Veluwe. We are giving you some tips for some of our favorite nature areas nearby.

Our tips:

✓ Radio Kootwijk

✓ Kootwijkerzand

✓ Solse Gat

✓ Uddelermeer

✓ Schaapskooi Ermelo