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rent a group accommodation on the veluwe in The Netherlands

At Recreatiepark De Boshoek you will find various group accommodations in Voorthuizen, from standard to luxury. For example, you can book an accommodation with wellness facilities at our bungalow park on the Veluwe. And do you want to go on holiday with a group, but with sufficient distance and privacy? Some accommodations have a sliding wall especially for this purpose, so that you can go on holiday together with two families, for example. Or take a look at the so-called cluster accommodations, which are multiple accommodations that are placed together. Ideal for going on holiday together, but still spending the night in your own accommodation. Book a fun group activity to complete your holiday or weekend away.

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Would you like to rent a group accommodation on the Veluwe with the whole family or group of friends? At Recreatiepark De Boshoek you can stay in group accommodation for up to 28 people. Recreation park De Boshoek is located in Voorthuizen (Gelderland) and offers something for everyone. There are various playgrounds for children in the park and an entertainment team is present during the children's holidays. We also offer various facilities for large groups. How about an e-chopper tour, fun old Dutch games or beat each other on the bowling alley. Renting a group accommodation with us on the Veluwe is a guarantee for a successful holiday or weekend away!

Fun for groups

  • Digital X-Cube escape room
  • Rent E-choppers
  • Bowling and the race lounge
  • Various cooking workshops
  • Traditional Dutch games

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Did you know that the Veluwe has the highest density of outings in all of Europe? That is why it is such a popular destination to rent a group home. There is always something to do! Most people know this beautiful area in Gelderland as a nature reserve. Yet there is much more to do. How about a water ski track less than 500 meters from De Boshoek, or the Apenheul and Julianatoren family park about 20 minutes away by car? Because it is such a suitable environment for both nature enjoyers and families, renting a large house on the Veluwe is ideal: everyone can make his or her own plan. In the evening, for example, you can meet up again in the group accommodation to play fun games together. See you at Recreation Park De Boshoek!

Our guests asked this ⤵

With how many people can I rent a group accommodation in Voorthuizen?

You can already rent a group accommodation on the Veluwe from 10 persons up to a maximum of 28 persons. There are various options: villas, bungalows, linked homes, or cluster accommodations. Whatever the composition of your group, at De Boshoek we have a group accommodation for you!

Is a group vacation at De Boshoek also fun for children?

Right! Recreatiepark De Boshoek is a particularly child-friendly vacation park on the Veluwe. Renting a group accommodation in Voorthuizen here, allows both (grand)parents and children to enjoy an unforgettable vacation together! 

Where can I rent a group accommodation on the Veluwe for a weekend trip?

You can at De Boshoek! We offer a wide range of group accommodations for groups of up to 28 persons. So that's perfect for a great weekend trip with friends or family. The wide range of facilities ensures no-one will get bored.