De Boshoek is part of the RECRON (Association of Recreational Entrepreneurs in The Netherlands). The RECRON conditions were established in cooperation with the Consumer Association as well as the ANWB, and apply to the rental agreements you conclude with us.

In case you book an arrangement at Western Plaza, UVH conditions apply.

You'll find the general conditions that apply per accommodations below:
RECRON conditions Holiday homes (Bungalow rental)
RECRON condition Tourist locations(Camping park)
RECRON conditions Fixed locations(Chalet park)
Uniform conditions Catering (Hotel room + Western Plaza)

Prices displayed on the website are in Euros. Price adjustments and typographical errors are subject to change. 

If you wish to make use of the cancellation insurance, please activate the policy form (download here) at using the policy number stated in the reservation confirmation. View the conditions applying to the cancellation insurance here. Read the conditions for groupholidays here.