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De Boshoek is part of the RECRON (Association of Recreational Entrepreneurs in The Netherlands). The RECRON conditions were established in cooperation with the Consumer Association as well as the ANWB, and apply to the rental agreements you conclude with us.

In case you book an arrangement at Western Plaza, UVH conditions apply.

You'll find the general conditions that apply per accommodations below:
RECRON conditions Holiday homes (Bungalow rental)
RECRON condition Tourist locations(Camping park)
RECRON conditions Fixed locations(Chalet park)
Uniform conditions Catering (Hotel room + Western Plaza)

Park regulations De Boshoek

The RECRON terms and conditions apply to the park and must be observed as such. In addition to these conditions, the following park regulations and conditions apply. These park regulations and conditions have been compiled to make your stay, and that of other park guests, at Recreatiepark De Boshoek as pleasant and safe as possible. We assume that you take note of, respect and comply with these rules.

Failure to comply with these rules may be a reason for (immediate) removal from our park without refund.

Abridged park rules

These house rules are an abridged version of our comprehensive park rules. Behave in such a way that you do not cause nuisance to anyone. Allow yourself and your fellow guests to enjoy the holiday. All instructions of the staff must be followed. 

1.         Minimum age of the main booker is 21 years. Group size, group composition and/or age category may result in a deposit being requested. Unaccompanied young people under 21 years of age are not admitted to our park. 
2.         Alcohol is only allowed in the accommodation.
3.         Parties or musical gatherings are not allowed in our accommodation. 
4.         Drugs, laughing gas and narcotics are prohibited in our park. 
5.         Keep your accommodation, terrace and garden free of rubbish, crates of beer and the like. 
6.         Between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m., there is a night-time rest period. 
7.         Campers, work vans or vans are not allowed, these vehicles may park outside our park. 
8.         Playing children always have priority: you may only drive at walking pace on our park. (Maximum 5 km per hour). 
9.         Your pets are welcome! However, they must be kept on a leash and do their business outside the park. Cats are not allowed in our accommodations. 
10.       Offering services and/or goods for sale in any form is not permitted from your accommodation or elsewhere on the site. 
11.       If you do not comply with our house rules (see also detailed house rules online), we are entitled to remove you from the park without refund.

Main rule

Behave in such a way that you do not cause nuisance to anyone. Allow yourself and other park guests to enjoy the holiday. Be particularly considerate of playing children. 
Staying at De Boshoek is entirely at your own risk, the management does not accept liability for loss, damage or theft. 
In all cases not covered by these terms and regulations, the management of De Boshoek will decide. 

1. General rules 

1.1 The purpose of the stay must be recreation.
1.2 Minimum age as the main booker is 21 years. Group size, group composition, age category may result in a deposit being requested. 
1.3 At check-in we may ask you for your identification, we record your personal data and do not use it for commercial purposes. 
1.4 The paid hosting of guests in the room/in the accommodation for the purpose of sexual activities is not permitted. 
1.5 There are security cameras in various places; everyone who is on our park and in our hotel consents to recordings being made. In the event of calamities and/or incidents, these recordings may be shown to the authorities as supporting material.
1.6 De Boshoek has the right to change the plot number (camping pitch, rental accommodation and hotel room). This must be done before the start of the rental period. If the holidaymakers have paid for a preference booking, this is not possible. 
1.7 No drone may be flown on the park without explicit permission from the management. 
1.8 If we find that there is smoking in a rental accommodation, we will be obliged to charge you € 150.00 for extra cleaning costs. If the fire alarm goes off due to smoking in the accommodation, the fire brigade's call-out charge of € 375.00 will be passed on to you.

2. Access and parking 

2.1 We need your license plate number to operate the barrier. You can enter this in the 'my environment' or De Boshoek app. We have a maximum number of cars per accommodation, which you can find in the app. If you exceed this, you can park in the paid parking zone at Harremaatweg 34. Rates for this are communicated at the pay station. When entering and leaving, you must hold the payment card at the terminal. 
2.2 Parking is only permitted in the designated spaces. Parking on the road or partially on the road is not permitted, nor is parking on someone else's lot, green spaces or vacant lots. 
2.3 To access the park, the maximum dimensions of your vehicle should be: 4.70m (length) 1.90m (width) and 1.95m (height) (similar to a VW transporter). Vehicles larger than this size are not allowed on the park. 
2.4 It is not allowed to allow an unregistered vehicle to enter the park in any way. The moment this is detected, the plot lessee's vehicles will be denied access to the park for a minimum period of 1 year. The unregistered car will be towed away and the cost of this will be charged to the plot lessee.

3. Traffic 

3.1 Please observe the maximum permitted speed on the park of 5 km/h at all times. 
3.2 The Dutch Road Traffic Regulations apply on our site. 
3.3 Motorised vehicles (with the exception of disabled cars) may only be used on the park to drive from the entrance to the park via the shortest possible route directly to the plot or as such from the plot directly to the exit. 
3.4 Please note that playing with (electric) motorised vehicles (scooter/hooverboard etc) is also not permitted for safety reasons. Driving electrically motorised vehicles is only allowed with a valid driving licence. 
3.5 Avoid driving your car on the premises as much as possible. Leave the car when going to the restaurant, swimming pool, The Market or reception. 
3.6 Electric vehicles may travel within the permitted speed (5 km/h) on our park if 3.4 is taken into account
3.7 It is prohibited to park trailers, (trailer) carts, caravans, campers et cetera on the park and general parking facilities.

4. Receiving lodgers or day guests

4.1 As the principal guest, you are responsible and liable for your fellow guests (both financially and in terms of behaviour). 
4.2 If day guests wish to use our outdoor swimming pool/tennis court, they must purchase an admission ticket for this at reception.
4.3 If your visitors have goods with them or have difficulty walking, please collect your visitors from these parking spaces or transfer the goods.

5. (Noise) nuisance 

5.1 It is not permitted to use radios, televisions, musical instruments, karaoke sets or other noise generators/amplifiers in such a way as to cause nuisance to other park guests. 
5.2 Between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m., the night rest period applies (with the exception of an event/party evening organised by De Boshoek, in which case we apply a night rest period between 00 a.m. and 8 a.m. on the event site). This means that it is not permitted to use noise-causing devices and that you should take account of other holidaymakers in terms of voice volume. 
5.3 You are kindly requested to keep the use of motorised vehicles to a minimum. 
5.4 Destruction and damage will be charged for. In case of serious destruction or repeated nuisance, we are entitled to terminate the contract without refund. The same applies to theft. 

6. Waste disposal 

6.1 Several underground containers are available on our site (camping park, camping reception, at the catering square and at the hotel reception. 
6.2 We have waste bins for: glass, paper, green and household waste. Batteries can be deposited in the battery bin at De Markt. It may happen that the containers are full. We then kindly ask you to deposit your waste in one of the other underground containers. 
6.3 Household waste can be placed in closed plastic bags in the designated container. 

7. Your children and entertainment activities 

7.1 Participation in activities is always the responsibility of the parents. 
7.2 Your child must be able to understand and follow instructions regarding safety. 
7.3 With regard to riding along with the "Keessie-mobile", it is important that your child knows how to follow instructions. We cannot keep a close eye on children cycling or walking with the "Keessie-mobile". 
7.4 The entertainment programme is suitable for children from 4 to 12 years old. 
7.5 In case of bullying or undesirable behaviour, we use a warning followed by a 10-minute time-out. Should your child interfere with the safety of other children, we will contact you. As an emergency measure, we may deny access to the entertainment room or activity. 
7.6 We cannot provide supervision of your children before the start, after the activity or when they leave early. Please make proper arrangements with your children or provide supervision yourself. 
7.7 The app is leading for the animation programme. Weather conditions may cause the location of an activity to be moved. All activities include an age limit. For the safety of the children, we adhere to this age limit.
7.8 You are responsible for your children's behaviour. During the night rest period, your children should respect sleep. 
7.9 Smoking is prohibited on the entertainment grounds.

8. Swimming pool 

8.1 The depth of both the outdoor and indoor pool is 1.40m. No diving is allowed. 
8.2 There is no permanent supervision of the swimming pools. For safety reasons, it is good to look out for each other and especially for children. 
8.3 Small children and children up to 10 years old or without swimming certificates are not allowed near or in the pool without adult supervision. 
8.4 Ball games, air mattresses, rubber boats, bicycles and dogs are not allowed in the pool and at the beach/grass by the pool. 
8.5 Smoking and the use of glassware is strictly prohibited at both the outdoor and indoor pools.

9. Pets 

9.1 Per accommodation a maximum of two pets are allowed, with the exception of our hotel, where no pets are allowed.
9.2 You must declare your dog and pay the relevant surcharge. 
9.3 Your pet may not cause any noise nuisance. 
9.5 Your dog must be vaccinated against rabies. 
9.6 Your dog must be leashed on the premises. Dogs in the High Risk category must also wear a muzzle. 
9.7 Cats are not allowed in our accommodation.
9.8 We have accommodation that is pet-free. Please contact our reception for this preference.
9.9 You can walk your dog outside our premises. On our park, walking your pet is not allowed and a clean-up obligation applies on the park. Please bring a scoop or bag with you, just in case your dog surprises you.
9.10 It is not allowed to take your pet to the sunbathing area/beach of the outdoor swimming pool, The Market or in the sanitary facilities. 

10. Use of water, electricity and gas 

10.1 Please use gas, water and electricity sparingly. 
10.2 Charging your car is not permitted at the accommodation or camping pitch. Please use our parking spaces with chargers for this purpose.
10.3 The installation of a swimming pool for adults is prohibited. A paddling pool is permitted with a maximum size of 1.25 m in diameter.

11. Fire safety 

11.1 To prevent fire hazards, the construction of campfires and the like is prohibited without explicit permission. 
11.2 Barbecues and garden fireplaces are permitted, only in the event of a weather alarm (e.g. extreme drought) is this prohibited. Always provide a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher by the barbecue and/or garden fireplace. 
11.3 When barbecuing and using the garden fireplace, take into account the direction of the wind so that you cause as little disruption as possible to other park guests. 
11.4 Place the barbecue and/or garden fire at a sufficient distance from your accommodation and hedge. 
11.5 Never throw away a burning cigar, cigarette or match. The consequences can be disastrous. 

12. Found objects 

12.1 We ask you to hand in found objects at reception. We will do our best to return the item to its owner. 
12.2 If you have left items behind please send our reception a whatsapp.

13. Mail and parcels 

13.1 If you wish to send a parcel or post, you must hand it in yourself at the nearest PostNL point: Bruna (Van den Berglaan 2a in Voorthuizen). For letter post, the nearest post box is: Van Effrinkstraat 26, in Voorthuizen.

14. Complaints 

14.1.    Despite the fact that we do our utmost to make your presence as pleasant as possible, there is always a chance that you did not experience things to your complete satisfaction. Please report this immediately to reception and we will try to rectify it as best we can. Should we not do this to your satisfaction, you can submit your complaint to our Holiday Coach or to the Recreation Disputes Committee in The Hague, see the RECRON terms and conditions.

15. Reporting nuisance or calamities 

15.1.    If you experience nuisance (in any form whatsoever), please report this to reception via WhatsApp
15.2.    During your stay, you may experience nuisance or need support in the event of emergencies outside reception opening hours. We have an emergency service for this purpose. Please call the regular telephone number for this and listen to the instructions. Only use this number if you cannot solve the nuisance or emergency yourself and it cannot wait until the reception is open. 

Additional rules for camping

1. Your camping equipment 

1.1 The management has the right to deny access to the park to camping devices of inferior quality and/or camping devices of inadequate appearance. 
1.2 During your stay, you must keep your plot tidy. We will only mow grass on the general areas of the grounds. You must mow the area within your plot yourself. A hand-held lawn mower can be borrowed from reception. 
1.3 Digging on your plot is prohibited. 
1.4 You are allowed to put up an awning and an additional tent of maximum 5 m2 with your camping means. Party tents are not allowed. 
1.5 You must place your camping means on the plot according to guidelines as shown schematically here. 
1.6 The use of root cover is only permitted under your awning and not outside it. Other ground covers are not permitted. 
1.7 Camper vans of any size must always be parked on a camper van pitch. 

2. Renting out/transferring your camping means/camping pitch 

2.1.      Subletting or commercial short rental of your camping unit is not permitted. 
2.2.      A camping pitch (seasonal pitch) is not transferable to others without written permission from the management.

3. Access and parking 

3.1.      When renting a camping pitch, you are entitled to access for 1 car on the camping park. Each additional car can be parked in the paid parking zone. Special rates apply for seasonal guests. 
3.2.      It is not allowed to drive behind each other, when we detect this the license plate will be removed.
3.3.      If weather conditions are such that damage to the fields may occur, we may prohibit you from driving your car on the fields.
3.4.      The storage of caravans and motorhomes on the park and outside car parks is. Winter storage is possible, you can request information on this from reception.
3.5 Charging your car is not allowed at the camping place, please use the designated charging stations.

4. (Noise) nuisance 

4.1.      During weekends and in the months of July and August, please only mow the grass between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.. Please also consider other people's peace and quiet. 

5.   Swimming pool 

5.1 Pre- and post-seasoners can swim 10 times per person for free. Seasoners receive 20 free swims per person 

6. TV and internet

6.1.      The park has an extensive digital channel package. To make use of this, your TV set must have a DVB-T tuner with MPEG4 support, or you can purchase a suitable box from reception. 
6.2 The range of channels can change at the discretion of Recreatiepark De Boshoek. No rights can be derived from it. 
6.3 Internet access can be requested at the reception. The costs depend on the duration of your internet subscription. 
6.4 Conditions for using the internet: Our internet is adequate for recreational use. In order to receive compensation in case of failure, the failure must meet the following conditions: 

 The outage lasts longer than 12 hours in total 
 The interference applies to our entire service, i.e. there is no working radio, television and internet at all 
 If the interference is caused by weather conditions, earthquake, terrorist attack or war situation, the compulsory compensation does not apply and you will therefore not receive a refund 
Do you have an outage that does not meet the above conditions and do you have a subscription with a fixed monthly fee? Then you are entitled to one-thirtieth part of the monthly amount you pay for each day the disruption persists (day 1 is from 12-24 hours, every 24 hours thereafter is an extra day).

7.  Energy 

7.1 Each plot has 8 amps, additional amps are possible and can be booked via the Boshoekapp. 
7.2 For the packages: Season, Early Season, Early Season Plus and Late Season, prices do not include electricity. You pay an advance and this is settled with the actual consumption. After your departure, the meter will be read and the actual consumption will be charged. If you would like to know what your consumption is in the meantime, please contact our reception by e-mail: or send a whatapp 
7.3 The rates for energy are subject to change and vary quarterly, we cannot fix these at the time of your reservation. We advise you to request the correct rate in advance of your stay by email from reception.

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