Hiking routes from De Boshoek

Recreatiepark De Boshoek is the ideal base for exploring the Veluwe area on foot. Whether you leave from the park and walk straight into the woods, or drive a short distance by car and follow a walking route there, it's all possible. We are happy to list the most beautiful sights for you, along with our hiking route tips!

Tour of Voorthuizen

Did you know a real hiking route traverses our park? You can find it here. Explore the amazing area of Voorthuizen while walking this 15 km hiking route. Walk along the countryside, discover the Wilbrink forest and experience Zeumeren Recreation Area. 

The routesopdeveluwe.nl routes include a route description, a list of junctions, a PDF or a GPX file that you can download.  What could be better than exploring the diversity of the Veluwe area for yourself?

Landgoed Staverden

Staverden Castle might be one of the most romantic places in the Veluwe area.  Within 20 minutes from De Boshoek, you will rrive in an idyllic part of the Netherlands, characterized by both stately and unique cute farms. Staverden is a hamlet in the municipality of Ermelo, located in the wooded area between Elspeet and Garderen and has less than 100 inhabitants. This makes it the smallest town of all of the Benelux! From this estate, you can walk some amazing routes. They are indicated at the parking lot of Staverden Castle.

The Solse Gat

The Solse Gat is a large loam pit in the Speulder and Sprielderbos in the northern Veluwe between the towns of Putten, Garderen and Drie. 

The most exciting story about the Solse Gat is the legend of the sunken monastery: according to legend, a large monastery with many towers stood on the spot where this hole is now located. It was a nasty dark place, because the father superior and all of the monks had sold their souls to the devil. In the middle of the night, they held a black mass with all of the witches and ghosts from the area. The villagers heard the most terrible sounds. This continued until a stormy Christmas night, centuries ago.

With one heavy thunderstrike, the monastery disappeared into the ground. All that was left was a chilling pit.  Since then, around midnight, if you listen very carefully, you can hear the bells of the monastery ringing coarsely. Some even see a blue glow emanating from the hole. Fortunately, with the rising of the sun, it seems like nothing happened. The waving trees, along with the Solse Gat, makes for a beautiful scene. You can sit on the benches at the Solse Gat and muse about all the exciting stories.


Hiking routes at De Boshoek

Hiking routes

Hiking trails with your dog

Enjoy a walk with your dog across the Veluwe, near recreation park De Boshoek. Using the Routiq app, we have set out a number of routes for you. The hiking routes on the Veluwe offer a mix of lush forests, vast moors and picturesque landscapes. The routes vary in length and difficulty, so there is something suitable for every dog and owner. During some of these walks, dogs can run and play freely, while their owners enjoy the beautiful surroundings and peaceful nature. Which route will you pick?

On some hiking trails, it may be worth deviating a bit from the route and heading into the woods.

Which walking route with the dog will you choose?