Restaurants in Holiday Park De Boshoek

Go out for a bite at one of our restaurants during your stay at Holiday Park De Boshoek: Restaurant Proef! and cafe Western Plaza. Each has their own style and menu.

Cafe Western Plaza

In the middle of the Veluwe, right in the heart of De Boshoek, you will find Western Plaza: a cafe where a good atmosphere is combined with good food, drinks, and various options to make your day or evening program to a success.

Go out for a bite in Voorthuizen with a fun activity

You can watch LIVE sports games on the screens in the sports bar (Cheers) while enjoying a drink and a bite.
The cafe offers various plate dishes, buffets, pizzas, pastas, and a lovely dessert to finish it off. View the menu here.

Go out for some bowling and some food in Voorthuizen

Eating out in Voorthuizen with a fun activity

In the sports bar (Cheers) you can watch your favorite sporting events LIVE on the screens and in the meantime enjoy a delicious drink and tasty snack.
You can enjoy a variety of platters, buffets, various pizzas and pastas and of course a delicious dessert in the dining room. Check out the

Go have fun bowling and enjoy a nice meal in Voorthuizen

Of course we also offer bowling! We have 4 interactive bowling lanes with various games to play. Take each other on or battle the opposing lane! A completely modern innovation! Use the touchscreen to order a drink, without leaving your bowling lane, so you can completely focus on the game and your company and enjoy your afternoon or evening! Of course, you can combine your bowling adventure with our dining options. See our Bowling packages here.

Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or bachelor(ette) party in Voorthuizen

Make your day complete with one of the packages on offer at Western Plaza. Cool buggies and quads or dinner shows and old Dutch table games. There are countless options to meet your needs along with your lunch or dinner.


Are you looking for a cozy bar/cafe for a drink or a large room to host a reception or party? Western Plaza offers various options to make your day or evening program a success in combination with an activity for a small or large group. Ideal for a family reunion, group trip, or bachelor(ette) party!

Good food is important for a great holiday. Make it easier on yourself and choose one of our many packages in combination with a great meal. We are confident we can meet your demands with our large selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner, or buffet packages. You don't want to strain your wallet, so we offer options for each budget. Do you have any specific demands? We would like to help you with this. Contact this number (+31)0342-471297.

Plan your trip with friends or family in Voorthuizen

Opening hours

Here, you will find all current opening hours for the facilities at holiday park De Boshoek.
Tasty table grilling at De Boshoek in Voorthuizen
Various buffets for small and large groups at De Boshoek in Voorthuizen
A lovely à la carte dinner at Western Plaza in Voorthuizen