Recreatiepark De Boshoek
Holiday in Kootwijk

Camping Kootwijk

  • 5 star camping at 13,5 km from Kootwijk
  • Central location in the Veluwe
  • Indoor and outdoor pool

Camping near Kootwijk

Are you in need of a lovely holiday in the Veluwe? Bring your travel party to our camping near Kootwijk! At Recreation Park De Boshoek you can pick one of our many accommodations suitable for up to 20 persons, or you can choose to stay in a luxurious hotel room. You can also come and camp, we even have camping spots with private sanitary facilities! Our bungalow park near Kootwijk is situated in a beautiful area and Kootwijk is about 18 minutes away by car. At our park you will find a great indoor and outdoor pool, fun playgrounds, and various wonderful restaurants. When will you go on holiday near Kootwijk at Recreation Park De Boshoek?

Holiday park near Kootwijk: things to do

There is plenty to do and experience during your stay at our holiday park near Kootwijk. Explore the beautiful environment from your holiday home near Kootwijk by foot or by bike. Located in the middle of the Veluwe is the Kootwijkerzand, western Europe's largest sand drift. The nature reserve consists of dunes which were formed by the wind. Are you taking your dog on holiday? You can take your dog on a hike for hours and enjoy the beautiful heathlands, you might even spot some wildlife! The nature reserve also features an observation tower that your children can climb. It offers beautiful views you simply cannot miss! Located in the middle of the Veluwe is Radio Kootwijk, a former broadcast station that was used for communications with the Dutch overseas colonies. A guide will give you a tour of the building and tell you everything about the life and history of the town Radio Kootwijk. You also cannot go without a visit to butterfly garden Passiflorahoeve , they have butterflies you have never seen before. After a day out, you can relax in your holiday home in Kootwijk. Come visit us and discover the beautiful surroundings of Kootwijk!

Your holiday near Kootwijk

You will not be bored for a moment during your stay at our holiday park near Kootwijk. We offer facilities and activities for all ages. This includes the many playgrounds, the indoor and outdoor pool, and the sports and playing fields where you and your children can play basketball, tennis, football, volleyball, and lots more! Getting away from all the bustle? Come and visit our wellness and relax while the entertainment team (during holidays) give your children an unforgettable experience! Looking to explore? Rent a bike at our reception on our bungalow park near Kootwijk and explore the Veluwe! After a nice day out you can walk to one of our restaurants straight from your holiday home to have a nice drink. Enjoy the area around your holiday home near Kootwijk!

Our facilities

  • Wellness
  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Restaurants at the park
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities
  • Entertainment team
  • Bike rental