Playing, sports & games

Recreation Park De Boshoek values playing, sports and games. That's why we offer many facilities for all ages. Various playgrounds spread out over the park and interactive play elements ensure that children of all ages won't be bored for a moment!

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Various large and small playgrounds spread out over the park

Of course, a recreation park wouldn't be complete without some beautiful playgrounds. De Boshoek has many, like "The climbing farm", a true play paradise. The 7.5 meter high tower, from which children are able to slide down, is an adventure in its own right. Various lower slides and climbing facilities will ensure a great play experience for the smallest children.

Badminton, mini-golf and table tennis

Of course, there's also plenty of playing fun for the entire family. Play an enthusiastic game of badminton, show your skills at the mini-golf course or emerge victorious from a duel of table tennis. Reception is always available to help you with equipment like mini-golf clubs.

Indoor play area

Of course there is also the possibility for the children to play inside. The children can enjoy themselves with us in the park's play area in Restaurant Proef! But there are also a number of locations in the area where the children can enjoy climbing and scrambling.



2 nights
2 people

4-person Tiny Lodge

Gelderland, Voorthuizen
  • Tiny house
  • Views of meadow
  • Bathroom accessible from both bedrooms
2 nights
2 people

6-person Hiking Cabin.

Gelderland, Voorthuizen
  • Luxury hiker's cabin
  • 3 bedsteads
  • Fitted kitchen and stove
  • Centrally located at camping park
  • Near sanitary building
4 nights
2 people

2-person bungalow Heuveltjes

Gelderland, Voorthuizen
  • Family bungalow
  • 1 bedroom
  • Comfortable beds