Entertainment team for the children

There's something nice to do for everyone during the holiday at De Boshoek in our entertainment program for children aged between 4 and 12. If there is no entertainment program or team, ask the reception what the children can do.

Fun and creative Kids Club

The Kids Club at Entertainment Park De Boshoek is open to children between 3 and 12 years of age, during all of the school holidays. Come dance and sing songs! Our mascots Keessie and Willie will make sure everyone has an extra fun time! Of course, arts and crafts, playing games and indoor and outdoor theater are part of the program! There's lots going on at the Kids Club!
To ensure optimal safety, the children are picked up at the park by the Keessiemobile! Be ready at the Keessie stop and you'll be picked up. Please make sure to check the time at which it will pass the stop.

On holidays and during children's holidays, the Keessiemobile will depart at the following times:

  • At the camp site during the morning arts and crafts session
  • From the Keessie stops during the parade, preceding the theater and the Mini Disco.

Sports and games with entertainment team

During all official school holidays, the entertainment team is organizing amazing sports and games activities. This way, you will get to know others of your age in a fun way. Participate in club hockey, a soccer tournament, a treasure hunt or living Stratego!

Sports and games for children of at least 10 years of age

For children of at least 10 years of age, the park offers various sporty activities. Compete against each other in the Panna cage, at the interactive soccer wall and at a basketball court. Our sports park offers the option of playing a game of soccer or tennis as well, of course. If your children are younger than 10 years, they are of course also allowed to use the sports facilities at De Boshoek.

Special activities for the teens

Teenage activities for youths from April 1st to August 31st. During the children's holidays, they will create their own activity program with the adolescents.

Especially for the teens at Entertainment Park De Boshoek, they will be able to compose their own activity program with the teenage and sports entertainer during the school holidays! This will ensure your teens get a say in what activities the park will have on offer. There's also a teenage supervisor for youths who are a little older from April 1st to August 31st.
The park features a youth center for children of 12 years and older. This youth center is opened at least five days a week. Enjoy a movie in our mini cinema, get gaming, play a game of air hockey, pool or just chill.

Dancing and singing at the Schatertheater

At the center of the park, you'll find Western Plaza. Near the large terrace is our Schatertheater. This is where our mascots Keessie and Willie have exciting adventures! The Schatertheater is a place for dancing, singing and theater acting. The songs of the Mini Disco make a frequent appearance, so show all of your vacation friends your dance moves!
To visit Keessie and Willie's Schatertheater or the Mini Disco, the children will be picked up by the Keessiemobile. Please pay attention to the times at which the Keessiemobile stops at the Keessie stop in order to pick up the children.

View which otherentertainment team activities are planned on the calendar!

Mascots Keessie & Willie of De Boshoek

Go ahead and meet Keessie and Willie, even before going on vacation!
Follow them at their own Facebook page so you won't have to miss any of their adventures.
All of their adventures, vlogs and news flashes can also be found on YouTube, subscribe to their channel so you won't miss out on anything!

Curious as to how Keessie & Willie ended up at Entertainment Park De Boshoek? Read their story here!


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