MINI golf while on vacation

Fun for the whole family is very important to us at De Boshoek. That's why we have the ideal activity for the whole family at the park. Visit us for a fun game of mini golf and show your family what you can do on the challenging mini golf course at the park. Mini golf is not only fun for children, but also always a fun challenge for adults.  

MINI golf with the family

Book your Mini golf moment below! During booking, you will see where you can pick up the sticks.

To keep track of the scores, you can download the 'Mini golf Scorecard' app



Mini golf game rules

Mini golf game rules

  • The goal is to hit into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Count one point per stroke.
  • If the ball does not reach the hole, play continues from where the ball came to rest.
  • A ball resting against the court edge/obstacle may be placed 15 cm from the court edge/obstacle for the next stroke.
  • If the ball leaves the course:
    a. For the first obstacle, play from the teeing point.
    b. after the first obstacle, play continues from where the ball went out of bounds. The ball may be placed 15 cm away from the court edge.
    In case of b., note one extra stroke.
  • If the ball rolls back behind the teeing point, continue play from the teeing point.
  • If the goal is not reached in 7 strokes, you will note 8 points.
  • If the ball does not pass or cross an obstacle within 3 strokes, the ball may be placed behind the obstacle provided that the obstacle is not also the hole. You will have to note one extra stroke.
  • Entering the court for a stroke is allowed, but it is not allowed to walk on the court.
  • Whoever has the fewest strokes after 18 holes is the winner.