These are our cheerful friends, who get into all kinds of adventures at Entertainment Park De Boshoek. Keessie is a naughty type, getting up to lots of mischief. He's like a contempory Pietje Bell. His friend Willie is the complete opposite, a very posh little lady. She can be a bit bossy sometimes, and likes to pull the strings.

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During the school holidays Keessie and Willie also often participate in the organized activities! Curious what activities are offered? Take a look at them in the animation program!

Keessie is an energetic boy with lots of travel experience. He's not quickly scared and loves seeking out adventures. His hobbies are eating, playing and relaxing. Because he personally thinks he's good at everything, he often gets into trouble. He can tell you the best stories about this. But whether they're true? He's always bickering with Willie about this, because who's right?

Willie is a sweet and caring young lady, she always looks great. She also always has a cleaning cloth in her bag, to clean things before she uses them or sits on them. She is very smart and always looks at the bigger picture. Whenever she's not cleaning, she's reading books. Willie loves finding solutions. When she can't think of a solution by herself, she always manages to find one in her books. That's why she's a bit of a know-it-all, and she often corrects Keessie. And her ideas are the best, because "I just read that in a book". Oh well, then it's true.

Mascot Willie at Holiday Resort De Boshoek
Mascots during children's holiday at the Veluwe at Recreation Park De Boshoek

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Curious about the adventures of Keessie and Willie and the Ping Poef Book, the series of 2016?

De Boshoek's director would like to go on a business trip. He finally found a stand-in: Orri Gami from CenterGreen Campings.
Keessie and Willie would like to help Mr. Gami, but Mr. Gami just thinks Keessie and Willie are a nuisance. How can he get rid of these two as quickly as possible? He tries everything, but they just keep coming back.
Keessie and Willie don't trust Mr. Gami, because since he showed up, trees have been disappearing at De Boshoek.
They find out that Mr. Gami is not who he claims to be. Will they be able to save De Boshoek in time?

Keessie and Willie and the Paper Factory is an exciting 4-part series for children between 5 and 10 years of age.

View the Mini Disco dances Keessie and Willie recorded with the entertainment team as well!

Did you know Keessie and Willie have their own Do and Color book? View all Keessie and Willie articles at our supermarket, you can find it at the back side of reception.

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Did you know you can send Keessie and Willie mail?
Near Western Plaza, at the center of the park, you'll find Keessie's home. At his home, you'll find a large letterbox. Every night, during school holidays, Keessie has a look at the mail he's received. Outside of school holidays he also regularly checks his mail.

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