What are you doing during the holiday?

Looking for fun activities to do during your holiday at De Boshoek in Voorthuizen? There is plenty to do in the area of this fun recreation park on the Veluwe! The map below gives you a good impression of all attractions and activities in the area.

Many activities can be easily booked at De Boshoek! Please have a look at the activity page or simply walk in at reception. This way, you can prevent a queue and you can enjoy a completely carefree holiday.

Map of activities and attractions in the area of De Boshoek in Voorthuizen

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Active trips on the Veluwe with family or friends, or as company trip.
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Bike Tours

We have a special bike tour via Fietsnetwerk, where you can make a culinary stop at our Hotel De Boshoek while on the road.

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Fun activities within a radius of 10 km

Looking for a fun activity close by? No problem, you will find yourself in the beautiful nature of the Veluwe right at the campsite. There are also a number of nice towns nearby, such as Voorthuizen, Barneveld and Nijkerk.

De Boshoek is located closely to Recreation Lake Zeumeren. Besides enjoying the beach, it also offers water sports. You can also book plenty of activities within a walking distance, such as outside farm games, archery tag, and much more. Do you need some quiet after all these activities? Why don't you visit Sauna Drôme in Putten.

There are also plenty of fun activities to do with your children! You can easily take young children to Monkey Town, Treasure Island or the Corn Maze in Voorthuizen. Guaranteed fun! There are also plenty of educational activities around: take a look at the Old Crafts and Toys Museum or the Dutch Poultry Museum. Or, if you really want to get active, to the Climbing Forest in Garderen.

Activities within a radius of 20 km

Are you willing to travel a little further for a fun day? There is also plenty of activities within a 20 km radius outside of Voorthuizen. Visit one of the nice cities of Amersfoort, Harderwijk, or Apeldoorn.

De Veluwe is the largest continuous nature area in Europe, but it also has the highest amusement park density of all of Europe. How about a day to the Dolfinarium or to the Julianatoren? Also, Amersfoort Zoo and the Apenheul guarantee a day full of excitement.

Do you love nature and art? In that case, a day to the National Park De Hoge Veluwe and the Kröller-Müller Museum should not be absent from your list.

Beautiful wild boars on the Veluwe

Which activities are on your to-do list?

We hope this page has given you more inspiration to do something fun. Some activities can also be easily booked through our website or with reception. Are you already excited to do something fun this holiday? Which activities are on your list?

See you soon at De Boshoek!