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Packages and promotions on De Boshoek

Throughout the year, we offer several packages on Recreation Park De Boshoek. Sometimes with attractive discounts or special activities.

Are you looking for a vacation during a special time of the year? Such as around Christmas or during spring break? Recreation Park De Boshoek offers several packages throughout the year.

We often offer attractive discounts, which make planning your vacation even more fun!


Krijg korting wanneer u langer verblijft!

Geniet langer van u vakantie op De Boshoek met korting!

Hemelvaartsdag met korting!

Van woensdag t/m maandag vakantie op De Boshoek! Een lekker lang weekend op de Veluwe met korting!

Lang Pinksterweekend

Lekker een lang weekend op De Boshoek! Van vrijdag 7 t/m dinsdag 11 juni 2019 op de Veluwe vertoeven, heerlijk!

Camping discount

Starting from 4 nights at our campsite park, you will receive a discount!

Long stay camping

Late season
Late season

Late season

Come enjoy a spacious camping spot during the late season at Recreation Park De Boshoek.