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Hot beverages
Tea - €2.60
Fresh Mint Tea - €3.20

Coffee - €2.60

Espresso - €2.60

Double Espresso - €3.30

Cappuccino - €2.90

Latte Macchiato - €3.30

Milk Coffee - €3.30

Hot Chocolate - €3.00

With whipped cream + €0.60

Soft drinks

Ecotap still water - €2.70

Ecotap sparkling water - €2.70

Pepsi / Pepsi Max - €2.70

Sisi / 7-up / Cassis - €2.70

Ice tea sparkling / Ice tea green - €2.80

Orange juice / Apple juice - €2.70

Dubbel Friss / Lemonade - €2.70

Rivella / Ginger ale - €2.70

Tonic / Bitter lemon - €2.70

Fristi / Chocomel - €2.70


Liqueur coffees
Irish coffee (Jameson) - €7.50

Italian coffee (Amaretto) - €7.50

Spanish coffee (Tia Maria) - €7.50

French coffee (Grand Marnier) - €7.50

Boshoek coffee (Kahlua) - €7.50

Dokkumer coffee (Beerenburg) - €7.50

    All liqueur coffees are served with whipped cream


Coffee liqueurs - €4.00
Licor 43 / Baileys / Cointreau

Amaretto / Kahlua / Drambuie

Grand Marnier / Tia Maria

Liqueur board - €8.75

3 different liqueurs with a cup of coffee

Wine menu

Dry white wine
Sauvignon Blanc - €4.50

Chardonnay - €4.95

Pinot Grigio 🌱 - €4.95

Sweet white wine
Klosterkrone - €4.50

Red wine
Merlot - €4.50

Nero d'Avola 🌱 - €4.95

Nero d'Avola 🌱 - €4.50

Masia cava brut Picolo - €8.95

Masia cava brut Bottle 🌱 - €25.95

Beer menu

Beer on tap
Heineken 20 cl - €3.00

Heineken 25 cl - €3.30
Heineken beer mug- €6.60
Texels Skuumkoppe - €4.75
Rotating tap (ask the staff what the rotating beer is)

Bottled beers
Affligem blond - €4.50
ffligem Dubbel - €4.50
Affligem Tripel - €4.50
Desperados - €4.50
Liefmans - €4.00
Amstel Radler - €3.50
Voortsche Vlier - €5.00
Voortsche Dubbel - €5.00
Voorstsche Tripel - €5.00
Voortsche Red IPA - €5.00
Voortsche Dwaes - €5.00
Hert Nieuw leven (white beer) - €5.00
Hert Dorps leven (blonde beer) - €5.00
Hert Zwaar leven (tripel beer) - €5.00

Hert Dubbel leven (dubbel beer) - €5,00

Hert Lang zal die leven (amber beer) - €5.00

Hert Hopvol leven (IPA) - €5.00

Non-alcoholic beer
Affligem Wit 0.0 - €3.50

Affligem Blond 0.0 - €3.50
Heineken 0.0 - €3.50
Amstel Radler 0.0 - €3.50

Cocktail menu - €8.50 p.p.

Perfect Pussy
Bacardi Carta Blanca, simple syrup, ecotap sparkling

Balòn 43
Licor 43, lemon juice, ecotap sparkling

Spiced & Stormy
Bacardi Spiced, lime juice, ginger ale

Tequila Sunrise
Tequila, orange juice, grenadine syrup

Blue Lagoon
Blue Curaçao, vodka, lemon juice, 7-up

Martini espresso
Espresso, coffee liqueur, vodka

Summer Malibu
Malibu, lime juice, lemon juice, 7-up

Purple Rain
Blue Curaçao, Flügel, 7-up

Pink Panther
Pink gin, strawberries, lemon and ecotap sparkling

Gin tonic
Gin with tonic. Choice of lime, lemon and orange

Mocktail 0.0 - €5.50
Ginger ale, mint, orange, ecotap sparkling

American milkshake 0.0 - €5.50
Choice of strawberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla

Ask our wait staff for mixed drinks. 


Drinks Menu

Drinks Menu

7, 14 or 21 pieces                                  € 6.25/€11.25/€15.25

Veluwe Style Bitterballen
7, 14 or 21 pieces                                                      €6.25/€11.25/€15.25

Veluwe style vegetable croquettes (vegetarian)
7 pieces                                                                             €7.25

Risottini (vegetarian)
Risotto gorgonzola spinach bitterballen 6 pieces     €7.50

Barneveld chicken crisps
Chicken crisps with dipping sauce 7 pieces                             €8.50

Nacho’s Plaza (vegetarian)
With cheese, chili sauce, guacamole, and crème fraîche     €8.50

Deep fried onion rings (vegetarian)
Onion rings with dip                                                      €7.50

Crispy shrimps
Crispy shrimps with chili sauce                                €8.50

Remeker cheese snacks (vegetarian)
Lunterse Remeker cheese in a crispy coating            €7.50

Bread board (vegetarian)
Bread with homemade herb butter                   €5.50


LUNCH MENU (12:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Italian tomato soup (vegetarian option available)
Pomodori tomato soup with focaccia      €6.25
Soup of the Week

Ask the waitstaff what this week's soup of the week is.
Italian Pinsa (vegetarian option available)
Ham, cheese, crème fraîche, onion rings and tortilla chips €7.50

Italian Pinsa smokey
Pulled chicken, onion rings, cheese mix, BBQ sauce and tortilla chips                                                                                        €8.50

Hotdog Boshoek
Pistolette with coleslaw, chicken hot dog stuffed with cheese and jalapeno, crispy onions, ketchup, mustard, and cucumber                                                                                    €9.50

Lunch Plaza 3.0 (also vegetarian option available)
2 slices of country bread, one topped with ham, cheese, and fried egg, one topped with a beef or vegetable croquette, a cup of soup, and coleslaw                                                      €10.50

Stone Baked Sandwich Melted Brie (vegetarian)
Stone-baked sandwich from the oven with brie, honey, walnuts and arugula                                                             €8.50

Barneveld sandwich (vegetarian option available)
Stuffed rustico with fried chicken, bell pepper, onion, sweet and sour sauce, cashews and arugula                                                     €10.50

Duroc sandwich
Sandwich with slow-cooked pork belly, coleslaw, crispy onions, BBQ sauce, pickle, arugula and spring onion                      €10.50

Stick bread healthy (vegetarian option available) (gluten-free option available)
Sandwich with cheese, ham, coleslaw, tomato, egg, onion rings and arugula                                                                                  €8.50

Volendam sandwich
Toasted country bread with mackerel fillet, Norwegian shrimp and smoked salmon, mixed lettuce, egg, remoulade, spring onion and lemon                                                                               €12.50

Farmer's carpaccio (lactose and gluten-free options available)
Two slices of country bread with carpaccio, seed mix, pesto mayonnaise, mixed salad and Parmesan  €12.50

Veluwe style croquettes (vegetarian option available)
Veluwe style beef croquettes or Veluwe style vegetable croquettes with a choice of fries or bread                                              €9.00

Rondeel bouncer (vegetarian option available)                           v.a. €8.00
3 fried eggs with choice of cheese/ham/bacon/onion/mushrooms per topping +€0.50

Boshoek Burger (vegetarian option available)
Black Angus burger or vegetarian burger with cheese, fried onion rings, BBQ sauce, tomato, and pickle with farm fries                                                                                €18.75

Homemade satay skewers
Chicken satay with cassava, atjar, satay sauce, fried onions, and spring onion Choice of fries or bread                                      €18.75


Goat cheese salad (vegetarian option available) (gluten-free option available)
With walnut, honey, crispy bacon and mixed greens with herb dressing                                                                €17.00

Barneveld salad (vegetarian option available) (lactose free option available)
Fried chicken pieces, sweet and sour sauce, onions, bell pepper, cashews, arugula, and spring onion                                        €17.00

Salad carpaccio (gluten-free / lactose-free option available)
Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese, pesto mayonnaise, sundried tomato, mixed salad and
mixed seeds                                                                             €17.50


APPETIZERS (from 5 p.m.)


Carpaccio (gluten-free and lactose-free options available)            
Beef carpaccio with arugula, Parmesan, pesto mayonnaise, and seed mix                                                                          €11.50

Veluwe style pork belly
Low-cooked pork belly with focaccia, sweet and sour cucumber, crispy bacon, and spring onion                              €9.50

Mushrooms with focaccia (vegetarian, gluten and lactose-free options available)Spicy fried garlic mushroom mix with onion, bell pepper and sticky bacon                                                   €9.50

Italian tomato soup (vegetarian option available)
Pomodori tomato soup served with focaccia and green pesto foam                                                      €6.25

Soup of the Week
Ask the waiters what this week's soup of the week is                                                                                        €6.25

Fish cocktail 2.0 (gluten, lactose)
With Norwegian shrimp and smoked salmon                     €11.50

Bread board (vegetarian)
Bread with dips                                                             €5.50


Dietary requirements? Please let us know!

Explanation of icons:
🌱 - Organic
🥬 - Vegetarian
🥕 - Vegetarian option available
🥛 - Lactose-free option available
🥖 - Gluten-free option available