Recreatiepark De Boshoek
Huisregels Koopchalets

House rules purchased chalets

These rules and regulations for our resort have been put together to make your stay, and that of the other guests, at Holiday Resort De Boshoek as pleasant and safe as possible. We expect you to take note of these rules and regulations and to respect them.

Main Rule:

Please behave in such a way that you are not a nuisance to anyone. Allow yourself and the other guests of the resort to enjoy a relaxing stay. Please pay particular attention to playing children.


  • Holidaymaker: You and your family, residing at the address mentioned in the rental contract, registered as renter of a Plot at Holiday Resort De Boshoek.
  • Third Party: Every other person, besides the Holidaymaker and/or his fellow Holidaymaker(s), who, with the consent of both the Holidaymaker and the Operator, is present at the resort, uses and/or stays in the Camping Equipment of the Holidaymaker and/or the facilities of the Operator.
  • Plot: The piece of land that you rent from Holiday Resort De Boshoek (on which the right to rent is laid down in a rental contract) designated by a Plot number and provided with a boundary fence, on which your Camping Equipment is placed.
  • Camping Equipment: Tent, tent trailer, recreational vehicle, caravan, chalet, or any other structure intended for a recreational overnight stay.
  • Operator: Recreatiecentrum de Boshoek BV, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 09033874
  1. Your stay as a Holidaymaker
    • You may stay a maximum of 150 days per year at our resort.
    • As a Holidaymaker, you are not allowed to register yourself as a resident of the municipality of Barneveld.
    • As a Holidaymaker you, your fellow Holidaymakers and your Third Parties must behave as befitting of a good tenant when you are in the resort.
    • You must at all times follow the instructions provided by employees of Holiday Resort De Boshoek.
    • The Operator puts the agreed Plot at the disposal of the Holidaymaker for recreational purposes only, i.e. not for permanent residence.
  2. Price and price changes
    • The Plot fee etc. is agreed from the then prevailing rates set by the Operator.
    • The Operator is entitled to increase the camping fees once a year. In the event that the camping fee is substantially increased (> 5%), the Operator must announce this in writing to the Holidaymaker at the latest four months before the end of the year of the contract.
    • The preceding is without prejudice to the fact that the additional costs, caused by an increase of the expenses on the side of the Operator as a consequence of an increase in charges and taxes that relate directly to the Plot, to the Camping Equipment, or to the Holidaymaker, may be passed on to the Holidaymaker, even after entering into the contract.
    • Termination of the contract shall not entitle the Holidaymaker to a refund of the costs of the contract in force.
  3. Payment
    • Payment of the Plot fee (including an advance payment for energy (50% of the costs incurred in the preceding year or a starting rate of EUR 150.00) and any other costs related to your stay) must be made (i) by direct debit in twelve equal instalments (including a one-off payment surcharge of EUR 35.00) (1st installment before 15 October of the preceding year and subsequently for the 1st of the following months with the last installment due before September 1 of the contract year), OR (ii) in cash or by bank in one installment before October 15 of the preceding year and before February 1 and June 1 of the contract year (payment discount of EUR 25.00), OR (iii) in three "equal" installments being before October 15 of the preceding year and before February 1 and June 1 of the contract year.
    • For direct debit, a payment authorization from and to the Operator must be completed and signed before entering into the (first) contract year. This authorization applies to all costs mentioned on the authorization and remains valid until cancellation or termination of the contract.
    • Any payments pursuant to the contract should be made to the Operator in a timely manner. In the event of late payment, a default interest of 5% per month or part of a month with a minimum of EUR 10.00 is payable. In case of a not executed or reversed collection order, an additional EUR 15.00 in administration costs shall be charged. Furthermore, the Holidaymaker shall be obliged to pay all extrajudicial costs in the event that the Operator is in any way compelled to make a Third Party responsible for the collection of the amount due.
    • The costs for gas, water, and electricity will be charged by the Operator before September 1 of the contract year and must be paid before September 15 of the contract year.
    • In the event that, despite prior written warning, the Holidaymaker does not or does not adequately fulfil his payment obligation within a period of two weeks after a 2nd warning, the Operator shall be entitled to deny the Holidaymaker, fellow Holidaymaker(s), and/or Third Party/Parties access to the resort effective immediately, to shut off the utilities until the financial obligation has been fulfilled, or to cancel the contract effective immediately. The Operator is not liable for any consequences that may result from shutting off the utilities. In the event that the Operator cancels the contract, he must let the Holidaymaker know by registered letter or by email.
    • The Operator shall, in the event of non-payment after written notice and cancellation, put his total claim on the Holidaymaker into the care of a collection agency. The administrative costs, statutory interest, and collection costs shall also be charged to the Holidaymaker, in accordance with the Voorwerk II report.
    • The Holidaymaker must pay in Euros unless agreed otherwise.
  4. Access and parking
    • To operate the barrier, we will require your license plate number. You can provide this at the reception.
    • When renting a Plot you are entitled to have access to the resort for one car. However, if you have created your own parking space within the boundaries of your Plot, you can request permission for a second car. This can be done using a "second car permission form" which is available at the reception desk. Please note! A parking space on your Plot does not automatically entitle access to the resort for a 2nd car.
    • Parking is permitted only in the designated spaces. Parking on the road or partially on the road is not allowed, nor is parking on another person's Plot or vacant Plots.
    • In order to gain access to the resort, the maximum dimensions of your vehicle must be: 4.70m (length) 1.90m (width) and 1.95m (height) (similar to a VW transporter). Vehicles above this size are not allowed in the resort. Storing caravans and recreational vehicles in the resort is prohibited.
  5. Traffic
    • Please adhere to the maximum speed of 10 km/h at all times within the resort.
    • The Dutch Road Traffic Regulations apply on our grounds.
    • Motorized vehicles (with the exception of adapted vehicles) may only be used in the resort for the shortest possible route from the entrance to the Plot, or from the Plot to the exit.
    • Avoid driving your car/motorbike on the property as much as possible. Please leave the car when you go to the restaurant, The Market or the reception.
    • Mopeds and motorcycles may only be carried by hand with the engine switched off.
    • Repairing and/or washing cars on the premises is prohibited.
  6. Lodging and parking of Third Parties
    • Third Parties are, of course, welcome to stay at our resort. However, overnight visitors must report to reception to be included in our nightly register and pay an overnight fee. You must report this in advance or, if outside reception opening hours, as soon as possible. If we find that Third Parties are staying overnight in your Camping Equipment that have not been reported, we will charge a fee of EUR 75.00 per night that you are in violation.
    • You are personally responsible and liable for your Third Parties. (Both financially and in terms of behavior)
    • If your Third Party wishes to use our outdoor swimming pool/tennis court, they must purchase an access pass at the reception.
    • Cars of Third Parties are not allowed in the resort. Third Parties can instead park in the designated parking areas outside the gates of the resort. If your visitors are carrying goods or have mobility problems, you can pick them up at these parking areas or transfer the goods.
  7. Your Plot and Camping Equipment
    • You must obtain written permission for the erection of any additions or extensions; a "work permission form" is available at the reception.
    • The boundary of your Plot may only consist of permanent greenery. This greenery must not exceed 1.80m in height or be within 5cm of the main pavement.
    • Boundaries with foundations are strictly prohibited.
    • You are not allowed to grow your yard boundary outside of your Plot. Doing so could interfere with emergency services, the transportation of Camping Equipment in the resort, and may even create unsafe situations for road users. As a standard, you should maintain a minimum of 5cm of space between the boundary and the main pavement. When replacing your boundary, take into account that plants have a tendency to grow. It is recommended to plant the plants 50cm from the main pavement. If your boundary does not meet the requirements and is a cause for danger or hinders the transportation of Camping Equipment, we shall be forced to remove the boundary and charge a fee. If any damage occurs to your fence, we cannot accept any liability.
    • A maximum of one cabin, approved by us, may be placed next to your Camping Equipment. The maximum dimension is 3.00m x 3.00m. For the placement of a log cabin you need to receive written permission; a "work permission form" is available at the reception.
    • You may not erect a fence.
    • You must maintain your Plot. If this is not the case, we shall notify you in writing and you will have 14 days to respond. Once the 14-day period has expired, we reserve the right to have the work done at your expense.
    • You must keep your Camping Equipment in good condition. If we find that your Camping Equipment is not properly maintained, we will contact you. We will give you time to carry out the work within a reasonable period.
    • Always keep an eye on cables and pipes when digging. If you accidentally hit a cable or pipe, please report this to the reception immediately and have it repaired at your own expense. If we discover the damage caused after the fact, the repair costs will only increase unnecessarily and will still be recovered from you.
    • During children's vacations and at weekends, it is not permitted to carry out work on your Camping Equipment or Plot. If you wish to carry out work on your camping means or Plot, you must obtain written permission; a "work permission form" is available at the reception.
    • Maintenance work (such as pruning or mowing the lawn) is permitted at appropriate times throughout the year; outside school holidays and weekends between 8 AM and 6 PM, and during school holidays and weekends between 10 AM and 6 PM.
    • Party tents are allowed. Just keep in mind that if you are absent during the winter months, the cloth of the party tent will be removed.
    • For the recording of the meter readings (each year in the month of September), your Plot must be accessible without any restrictions. This means garden gates and the like must not be locked on the day of the reading.
    • Every Holidaymaker must keep his Plot free of waste.
  8. Selling or letting your Camping Equipment
    • Sub-letting or commercial short term letting of your Camping Equipment is not allowed, unless written permission has been given. You can obtain a "rental authorization form" at the reception. If this rule is not observed, the renter will be denied access to the resort immediately. Subletting with a "permanent" character is absolutely not allowed. You are at all times responsible for your tenants (even in cases of, for example, financial negligence).
    • Sale of Camping Equipment while retaining the right to rent the Plot is only permitted if a written contract has been obtained. You can obtain a "sale permission form" at the reception. We reserve the right at any time not to allow the sale of your Camping Equipment with retention of rental right on the Plot, provided:

- The Camping Equipment has exceeded the age limit of 25 years

- Is not sound or does not meet the safety standards

- Is detrimental to the appearance of the resort

  • You can choose to let us take care of the mediation, or you can offer the Camping Equipment for sale yourself after obtaining approval. The conditions and costs regarding the sale are listed on the relevant consent form. Before we grant permission for the sale with retention of Plot, it is necessary that an inspection report is present which is at most 24 months old. If necessary, we can have an inspection report drawn up by an independent party.
  • Advertising on the Plot, in your Camping Equipment, or at the resort is not allowed.
  1. (Noise) nuisance
    • It is not allowed to use radios, televisions, musical instruments, or other noise generating devices in such a way that they cause a nuisance to other guests of the resort.
    • We have a nightly rest period between 11 PM and 8 AM (with the exception of Saturdays during school holidays, when we have a nightly rest period between midnight and 8 AM). This means that the use of any noise generating devices is not permitted and that you should be considerate of those around you in terms of voice volume. You are kindly requested to keep the use of motorized vehicles to a minimum.
    • During the weekends and in the months of July and August, please only mow the grass and/or trim the hedge between 10 AM and 6 PM. Please also think of other people's peace and quiet.
    • Drying laundry outside is not allowed. Instead, you can use our launderette. Washing and drying coins and the access key are available at the reception. Washing powder is added into the machine automatically.
    • Defacement and damage will be charged for. Please respect other people's property. In case of serious vandalism, we are entitled to terminate the contract. Naturally, the same applies to theft.
  2. Garbage disposal
    • There is an environmental street available on our premises. It is open during the office hours of the reception. We have bins for: glass, paper, garden waste, and household waste. Batteries can be deposited in the battery box at De Markt.
    • Household waste can be packed in closed plastic bags and placed in the appropriate container.
    • Garden waste and prunings (no longer than 50 cm), can be deposited in the green cart in the environmental street.
    • The disposal of bulky waste such as old furniture, carpets, major appliances, electronic equipment or similar, and chemical waste (paint, turpentine, aerosols) is strictly prohibited and must be disposed of at the municipal waste disposal site. Please ask the reception about their opening hours and location.
  3. Your children and entertainment activities
    • Participation in activities are the responsibility of the parents at all times.
    • Your child must be able to understand and follow instructions regarding safety.
    • In relation to riding the "Keessie mobile", it is important that your child knows how to follow instructions. We cannot keep an eye on the children who ride the "Keessie mobile".
    • For children under 4 years old, it is mandatory that at least 1 parent/guardian is present.
    • In the case of bullying or other unwelcome behavior, we will issue a warning and then a 10-minute time-out. If your child interferes with the safety of other children, we will contact you. As an emergency measure, we may choose to deny access to the "kids club" or an activity.
    • We cannot provide supervision of your children before the start, end, or early departure from the activity. Please make proper arrangements with your children, or supervise them yourself.
    • All activities have an age limit. For the safety of the children, we will adhere to this age limit.
    • You are responsible for the behavior of your children. During the nighttime hours, your children must respect the nighttime hours.
  4. Swimming pool
    • Please note that the depth of both the outdoor and indoor pools is 1.40m. Diving is not allowed.
    • There is no permanent supervision of the pools. For safety reasons, it is best to watch out for each other and especially the children.
    • Small children and children up to 10 years of age or without a swimming certificate are not allowed in or near the pool without adult supervision.
    • Ball games, air mattresses, rubber boats, bicycles, and dogs are not allowed in the pool.
    • The use of glassware is strictly prohibited at both the outdoor and indoor pools.
    • Bringing sunbeds with you is prohibited at the outdoor pool.
    • During school holidays, users of the outdoor pool must identify themselves with a wristband (available at reception) when asked. Failure to wear one may result in you being refused entry.
  5. Pets
    • A maximum of two pets are allowed per Plot.
    • Your pet must not cause a (noise) nuisance.
    • Pets of Third Parties are not allowed.
    • Your dog and/or cat must be vaccinated against rabies.
    • On site, your dog must be kept on a leash. Please bring a scoop, in case your dog surprises you.
    • You can walk your dog outside our premises.
    • Cats must wear a collar stating that you are the owner. Cats without collars will be periodically tracked and removed from the resort to prevent the proliferation of stray cats.
  6. Use of water, electricity and gas
    • Be economical with gas, water and electricity
    • .
    • To avoid overloading the water supply, do not use drinking water for playing, for watering your garden, or for washing your car or your Camping Equipment.
    • The use of electric heaters is not permitted due to the capacity of the network.
    • To get into the electrical boxes, you can buy a key at the reception for EUR 5.00. It is forbidden to break into the electrical boxes.
  7. Ball games and/or throwing games
    • There is enough space on our site for sports and games. Please use the official sports field and do not play throwing or ball games between Camping Equipment, bungalows, or empty Plots.
    • The tennis court is exclusively for playing tennis, it is forbidden to practice any other ball games.
  8. Fire safety
    • To prevent a fire hazard, the construction of campfires and the like is prohibited.
    • Barbecues and garden fireplaces are allowed, only in case of a weather alarm (e.g. extreme drought) would these be prohibited. Please always have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher near the barbecue and/or garden fireplace.
    • When barbecuing and using the garden fireplace, take into account the direction of the wind so that you cause as little disturbance as possible to other guests at the resort.
    • Please keep the barbecue and/or garden fireplace at a sufficient distance from your Camping Equipment and hedge.
    • Never throw away a lit cigar, cigarette or match. The consequences can be disastrous.
  9. Commerce and advertising
    • Offering services and/or goods for sale in any form is not allowed from your Camping Equipment or elsewhere on the premises.
    • Propaganda for any purpose or advertising of any product is not allowed in the resort without express permission from management.
    • Advertising signs, posters and the like are not allowed in the resort.
  10. Found objects
    • We ask that you drop off found items at the reception desk. We shall do our best to return the item to its owner.
  11. Drugs and alcohol
    • The use, trafficking, or possession of drugs in your Camping Equipment or in the resort is strictly prohibited. If found, it will be reported to the police and you will be denied access to the resort.
    • The consumption of alcohol is only allowed within the boundaries of your Plot or at the catering establishments.
  12. Antennas
    • Because there is a central antenna system on site, it is forbidden to place your own antennas and/or satellite dishes on your Camping Equipment.
    • It is not allowed to use wireless network routers in your mobile home. This is due to interference with the existing wireless network.

  1. Mail and packages
    • Outgoing mail can be dropped off at the front desk. Mail is collected daily.
    • We sort incoming mail daily. The mail is placed in alphabetical order in the mailbox at the reception desk. This mail is marked with the date it was received. We will keep your mail for a maximum of 1 month, after that it will be returned/disposed of.
    • You can have parcels delivered to reception. Parcels larger than 485mm x 360mm x 260mm will be refused due to limited space for storage. Also, we will not accept packages that require a signature if we have not been informed by you.


  1. Complaints
    • While we endeavor to make your stay as pleasant as possible, there is always a chance that you may not be entirely satisfied. Please report this immediately and we will try to remedy this as best as we can. If, in your opinion, we do not do this adequately, you can submit your complaint to our holiday coach, or to the Recreation Disputes Committee in The Hague per the RECRON conditions.


  1. Reporting a nuisance or calamity
    • If you are experiencing any kind of nuisance, please report it to the reception. We will respect your privacy regarding this report and take appropriate measures.
    • During your stay, it is possible that you may experience inconveniences outside the opening hours of the reception, or need support in case of emergencies. Luckily, we have an emergency phone for this purpose. However, please only use this number if you are unable to solve the nuisance or calamity yourself.
  2. Sanctions
  • Main Sanction: If you fail to comply with the rules of these regulations, we will impose an appropriate sanction on you according to the nature of the violation. This may be a direct sanction or a written or verbal warning. If you do not comply, we reserve the right to dissolve our contract with you. We can then deny you access to the resort with immediate effect.
  • If you fail to comply with parking or traffic regulations, we will temporarily or permanently block your license plate from entering the resort.
  • In the event of serious offense, threats and/or violence, we will be entitled to deny the Holidaymaker, fellow Holidaymakers, and their Third Parties access to the resort without prior warning.
  • The Holidaymaker, fellow Holidaymakers and his Third Parties can in principle not claim any restitution or reduction of the financial obligations in accordance with the contract.

For your safety




  • Leave your Camping Equipment or the premises immediately (via the emergency exit).
  • Call the emergency number (112) immediately and provide the address and location.
  • Report any fires to a De Boshoek employee.
  • Keep bystanders at a safe distance.
  • Instruct a bystander to wait at the entrance of the resort for the emergency services.



  • Call the emergency number (112) immediately and provide the address and location.
  • Report an accident to a De Boshoek employee.
  • Stay with the victim.
  • Instruct a bystander to wait at the entrance of the resort for the emergency services.




  • You will be warned by an employee of De Boshoek.
  • Please leave your Camping Equipment or the premises immediately (via the emergency exit).
  • Please proceed to one of the designated assembly areas and remain there until further notice.



Important numbers

  • Doctor 0342-471364 / evening-weekend 0900-3311233
  • Fire Brigade 112 / local number 0342-49 5555
  • Police 112 / 0900-8844
  • Municipal Health Service 112 / local number 0318-684911
  • Meander Hospital ( Amersfoort ) 033-8505050
  • Emergency phone Holiday Resort De Boshoek 0631690878