House rules at Recreation Park De Boshoek

The RECRON conditions for fixed spaces apply at our park and must therefore be followed. Additionally to these conditions the house rules also apply.


View the pets regulation see here.

Main rule:

Act in a way that doesn't cause disturbance to others. Give yourself and your fellow guests the opportunity to enjoy the holiday.

1. Your chalet

  • Subletting your chalet is not allowed, unless you have received permission in writing from the management. The forms for this can be obtained at the reception. Without this permission in writing rental of your chalet is not allowed. If this is detected by us, we have the right to deny the tenants entrance to the property. Subletting with a "permanent" character is absolutely not allowed. You are responsible for your tenants at all times (also for example in case of financial negligence).
  • If you want to sell your chalet, you can choose to do this yourself or to let De Boshoek mediate for this. If you choose to sell your chalet yourself, you pay 3% provision over the selling price. If you let De Boshoek mediate, you pay 5% provision over the selling price. For the sale of your chalet (yourself or via De Boshoek) you need to obtain written permission from the management. This can be obtained through a form, which is also available at the reception. Chalets which are too old, not functional, not safe or which damage the park aesthetics, cannot be sold with maintenance of the year space. We keep the right to not rent the possible buyer a year space on our property. In case of an unlawful sale, we will also invoke this right.
  • "For sale" signs/papers are not allowed to be placed on the year space/behind the window.

2. Gate

In order to operate the gate we need your registration plate number. You can communicate this at the reception. One car per space is allowed. Campers or delivery vans are exempt from this regulation. Cars from visitors are also not allowed, and will not be granted access at the reception. If your visitors have walking difficulties, or if they have brought items for you, then you can solve this by driving to the front yourself to pick up your guest or load the items into your own car.

3. Visitors

Of course visitors are welcome with us. Overnight visitors must notify the reception in order to be included in the night register and to pay the overnight fee. Remember that you as tenant are responsible and liable for your guests. If your visitors wish to use our outdoor pool/tennis court, they need to buy an entrance ticket at the reception.

4. Traffic

  • The Roads Traffic Regulations apply on our property.
  • One car is allowed per space. A second car is only allowed, in consultation with the management (and after paying the second car fee). This rule only applies to passenger cars. Delivery vans or campers are not allowed onto the park
  • Avoid driving on the property with your car/motorcycle as much as you can. Don't take your car if you go to the restaurant, the supermarket or the reception.
  • Cars/motorcycles must drive at walking pace on the property (maximum 10 km). Mopeds can only be taken by hand with the motor off.
  • The cars from your visitors can be parked in the parking lot outside the gate.
  • Don't park your car in someone else's year space, but only use the indicated parking spaces.
  • Because of the risk in case of calamities, all paths and the main entrance must always be kept car free for ambulances, fire trucks, etc.
  • Repairing and/or washing cars on the property is not allowed.

5. (Noise) disturbance

  • It is not allowed to use radios, televisions, musical instruments or other sound makers in such a way that they disturb other park guests.
  • The night rest period is in place from 11 pm to 8 am. This means that there's a driving prohibition for motorized traffic. In this period it is not allowed to create (noise) disturbance.
  • During the summer period building or renovating is not allowed.
  • During the weekends and in the months July and August you may only mow the lawn and/or prune the hedge between 10 am and 6 pm. Please keep the rest of other guests in mind.
  • You may not dry your laundry outside. You can use our launderette. Washing and drying coins and the entrance key are available at the reception. Washing powder is automatically added into the machine.
  • Destruction and damages will be charged. Respect the property of others. We have the right to terminate your space in case of severe damages. The same goes for theft.

6. Garbage disposal

  • There's a waste collection facility on our property. This is opened during the office hours of the reception. We have trash cans for: glass, paper, organic and general waste. Batteries can be placed in the battery box in the minimarket.
  • You can place general waste, packaged in closed plastic bags, in the indicated container.
  • Garden waste and pruned wood (not longer than 50 cm) can be placed in the organic cart in the waste collection facility.
  • Bulky waste and chemical waste (paint, turpentine, spray cans) you have to dispose yourself at the municipal waste landfill. Ask the reception for the opening times and the location.
  • Each guest is obligated to keep his space free from waste.

Our waste collection facility is guarded by camera surveillance.

7. Swimming pool

  • The depth of both the indoor and outdoor swimming pool is 1,40 m.
  • The first aid kit is located at the reception and in the Party center.
  • There is no permanent surveillance at the swimming pools. To ensure safety it is important to keep an eye out for each other and especially carefully watch the children.
  • Small children and children up to 10 years old without a swimming certificate are not allowed to be in or near the swimming pool without adult supervision.
  • Diving is not allowed in the swimming pool.
  • Ball games, air mattresses, rubber boats, bikes and dogs are not allowed into the swimming pool.
  • The use of glassware is strictly prohibited both at the indoor and outdoor swimming pool.
  • Bringing lounge chairs to the outdoor swimming pool is prohibited.
  • You are required to wear bathing clothing in all wellness facilities at the park.

8. Pets

  • Pets are welcome on our property, as long as they're on a leash.
  • A maximum of two pets is allowed per space.
  • Visitor pets are not allowed.
  • Your dog has to be on a leash on the property. Bring a scooper with you, in case your dog surprises you.
  • You can walk your dog outside our property.

9. Use water, electricity and gas

  • Water, gas and electricity are expensive. Use them moderately!
  • To avoid putting too much pressure on the water pipes, it is not allowed to use drinking water for playing purposes, watering your garden, washing your car or your chalet.
  • The use of electrical heaters is not allowed.
  • To access electricity cupboards, you can buy a key at the reception for

€ 5,-. Breaking electricity cupboards open is prohibited.

10. Ball games and/or throwing games

  • There is plenty of space on our property for sports and games. We request you to use the official ports field and not to play throwing or ball games between the chalets and bungalows.
  • The tennis courts are exclusively for playing tennis, playing other ball games here is prohibited.

11. Fire safety

  • To avoid fire danger the creation of campfires and such is prohibited.
  • Barbecues and garden fireplaces are allowed, and only prohibited in case of a weather alarm (for example in case of extreme drought). Please make sure to always have a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher with the barbecue and/or garden fireplace.
  • Keep the wind direction in mind when barbecuing or using a garden fireplace, so your neighbors will experience the least possible disturbance.
  • Place your barbecue and/or garden fireplace at a sufficiently large distance from your chalet and hedge.
  • Never throw a burning cigarette, cigar or match away. The consequences can be disastrous.

12. Trading

Offering services and/or goods, in any form, for sale from your camping facility or anywhere else on the property in prohibited.

13. Found objects

We ask you to bring found objects to the reception. We will try our utmost best to deliver the object back to its owner.

14. Maintenance yearly space

  • You have to get written permission from the management (and from the municipality) to place any annex or side buildings;
  • When placing a yard separation at the front side of the chalet (on the main path) you have to make sure that the separation is placed at least 50 cm away from the street side on your yard. Separations with foundations are highly prohibited.
  • You are allowed to place a maximum of one log cabin, delivered by us, with your camping facility. The maximum dimensions of this are 2.00 m x 3.00 m.
  • You are not allowed to place a fence.
  • The enclosure of your space can only consist of permanent greenery. This greenery cannot grow higher than 1.80 m or be wider than the edge of the road.
  • You have to properly maintain your year space. If you neglect to do so, we will notify you in writing and you will get 14 days to react to this. When the term of 14 days is over, we have the right to get maintenance done on your expenses.
  • Always watch cables and pipes when digging. If you accidentally hit a cable or pipe, you must notify the reception immediately to get it repaired (of course on your expenses). If we find damages afterwards which have been inflicted earlier, the costs of the reparation will be unnecessarily higher and these will still be recovered from you.
  • Party tents are allowed. Make sure that, when you are absent during the winter months, the cloth is removed from the party tent frame.

15. Antennae

  • Because there's a central antenna system on the property, placing antennae and/or satellite dishes yourself on your chalet is prohibited.
  • It is not allowed to use wireless network routers in your chalet. This is because of potential malfunctions with the already present wireless network.

16. Post and telephone

  • Telephone messages that arrive for you will be noted on the cable paper. Urgent messages will of course be personally delivered/passed on to you.
  • You can give outgoing mail to the reception. The post is collected daily.
  • We sort the incoming mail daily. The post is put in alphabetical order in the post box at the reception. This post is given the date of when it came in. We will keep your post for a maximum of 1 month, after which it will be returned to sender/thrown away.

17. Complaints

Although we try our utmost best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, there is of course always a chance that not everything is how you wanted it. Please notify us of this directly and we will try to help you the best we can. If you think we haven't sufficiently helped you, then you can file your complaint with the disputes committee Recreation in Den Haag, see the RECRON terms and conditions.

18. Sanctions

If you haven't followed one of our rules, we will give you a verbal or written warning. If you don't reply to this, we have the right to terminate our agreement with you. In that case, we can deny you access to our property immediately.

Evacuation plan De Boshoek


  • Notify a staff member of De Boshoek immediately in case of a fire.
  • Leave your caravan or the building immediately (through the emergency exit).


  • Notify a staff member of De Boshoek immediately in case of an accident.
  • Stay with the victim.


  • You will be warned by a staff member of De Boshoek.
  • Leave your caravan or the building immediately (through the emergency exit).
  • Go to one of the assembly points (see map) and stay there until further notice.

In case of calamities we advise you the following. If you have to call an emergency service, always tell them to meet you where the respective emergency service can enter the park (entrance Harremaatweg). If possible, ensure that someone is located at the gate to meet the emergency service and give them directions.