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Group farm for 20 people

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  2. Group farm for 20 people
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  1. 7 burner gas stove
  2. Group accommodations
  3. Plenty of sun
  4. Near sports field
  5. Number of bedrooms: 8
  6. Barbecue
  7. Storage
  1. Central heating
  2. Pets allowed
  3. Oven
  4. Garden furniture
  5. Lots of privacy
  6. Near playground
  7. Kettle
  1. Living room with an LCD TV
  2. Microwave oven
  3. Completely furnished kitchen with full kitchen inventory
  4. Dishwasher
  5. Coffee machine
  6. Fridge freezer combination
  7. Bathroom with shower, sink and toilet


Want to rent a holiday home for your friends or family in the Veluwe area of the Netherlands? Take a look at the Group farm at recreation park De Boshoek.

20-person accommodation for fantastic vacations!

A nice vacation in the Netherlands, but with a large group? It is possible! You can easily rent a group farm at recreation park De Boshoek in the Veluwe. This is a 20-person group accommodation, equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. It is not always easy to rent a house in the Netherlands for 20 people, but you have come to the right place in the group farm of recreation park De Boshoek.

You will not be bored at recreation park De Boshoek. You can have a bite to eat at the lovely restaurant, go bowling with the whole group, or do some fun activities.

Comfortable facilities group accommodation 18-20 people

The facilities for a 20-person group accommodation in the Veluwe should be more extensive than those of a bungalow which is suitable for 4 people. This group farm is therefore equipped with sufficient bedrooms, a cozy living room, and very comfortable kitchen and bathroom facilities. Everything you need for a vacation that you will never forget.

Recreation park De Boshoek is located in the Veluwe. If you book the group farm, you can also do many activities in the area. The region has the most theme parks in all of Northern Europe and there are many attractions in the area. Go out and enjoy your vacation!

There is an extensive animation program for young and old during all school holidays!


  • 2-person bedroom
  • 3 double enclosed beds
  • 2 bedrooms with double beds
  • 1 bedroom with 2 single beds and 1 bunk bed
  • 1 bedroom with 2 bunk beds

Holiday Park De Boshoek

During your stay at five-star holiday park De Boshoek, you will have everything you need. Experience the friendly atmosphere at he park, and enjoy the natural beauty at the Veluwe. With high-quality facilities, De Boshoek offers entertainment for visitors of all ages. Take a dive at the indoor and outdoor swimming pool, or take a seat at the terrace of Bistro Western Plaza.

The many sports and games facilities, as well as the extensive entertainment program during all official school holidays, will ensure that your children won't be bored for a moment. On top if it all, our holiday coach is always ready to answer all of your questions and help by solving any problems, to allow you to enjoy a holiday at De Boshoek free of worries.

5 reviews

  1. 9.1

    Wat een fijne sfeer op het park, waar mijn groep 8 zichzelf mocht zijn en heel veel de ruimte kreeg om te spelen.

    June 2021 - P D.

  2. 10

    No review left

    May 2021 - Niels d.

  3. 8.3

    Huis geboekt met vrienden team van voetbal en hebben het goed naar ons zin gehad was top!

    February 2021 - roy k.

  4. 8.2

    Ligt mooi in de bossen en toch dicht bij het centrum

    October 2019 - K.

  5. 8.2

    we zijn maar een weekend geweest en dat was nog regenachtig ook. We kunnen daar eerlijk gezegd dus niet veel over zeggen. Het huis was heel goed (fijne keuken, royale huiskamer, prima slaapkamers en douchegelegenheden) en voor de kinderen waren er prima speel en sportmogelijkheden.

    October 2019 - J.M. M.

  • Large group farm with private driveway
  • Lots of privacy
  • 6 bedrooms and 2 bedsteads