Halloween at De Boshoek

During the Autumn break it will be creepytober at Holidaypark De Boshoek. The park has been taken over by family Spooky. And they did not come alone... We will surprise you, when you do not expect it. 

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Halloween days during autumn break: October 23 and 24, 2021

Welcome to Recreation Park De Boshoek, ehm... The Chills. It's spooktober and the Chills family has taken over De Boshoek for this weekend. The entertainment team join Pink and Kalabas Chills to throw a great party. Scary? Not at all, the Chills family is very welcoming and together with the De Boshoek staff will turn these into spooktacular days.

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Stay during the Halloween weekend in a 4 - 8 person Bungalow, 10 - 24 person Group stay, Hotel room or one of the cozy 4 - 6 person Chalets! You can also stay at our campingsite, Camping with some extra luxury or stay in one of our Glamping facilities such as  the Safari tent or luxury Hiker’s accommodation!

In which accommodation do you dare to sleep during the Halloween weekend(s)?

Celebrate Halloween at Recreation Park De Boshoek in Voorthuizen in the Veluwe
Halloween at De Boshoek
Celebrate Halloween at Recreation Park De Boshoek in Voorthuizen in the Veluwe
Halloween entertainment schedule at De Boshoek

Entertainment schedule Halloween

Check the fearsome entertainment schedule for the Halloween weekend on the side. Full of spooky activities.

Our entertainment schedule is fully adapted for Halloween. There are exciting activities to join, craft, or experience for all ages.

Check the entertainment schedule online!

Too afraid to book? Or are you ready to take this challenge?

During creepytober De Boshoek will be completely frightening. Our mascots are too scared to come; therefore family Spooky will be staying at De Boshoek.

• Father works in the spooky restaurant, at Western Plaza

• Mother works at the fearful reception

• Frightening daughter is part of the animation and helps with spectacular crafting

• Son is rather lazy than tired and you will see him everywhere

And the rest of the family? Do not be afraid... They will be there, in times you won’t expect it. Too scary for your child?

No problem. We have a special children's item. If your child wears this, nobody will scare your child. So it will be fun for all ages. For more information, please contact the reception.

Halloween eten op De Boshoek