Recreatiepark De Boshoek
Experience De Boshoek

Experience De Boshoek

Experience De Boshoek

What better way to experience De Boshoek than to take a virtual look around the park before you stay with us! Discover all that De Boshoek has to offer and, once you are here, go exploring for yourself. At De Boshoek, both young and old enjoy a wonderful holiday on the Veluwe. Boredom is impossible thanks to the numerous entertainment options such as the indoor and outdoor swimming pool, extensive entertainment programme, wellness facilities and interactive sports and playing fields. Will you also come and experience the Veluwe at De Boshoek? We look forward to welcoming you!

De Boshoek in RTL Goes Camping

Our episode in February 2021 on RTL 4.

This is what your holiday in the Veluwe could look like!

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This is how your vacation could look like!

Group outing with family or friends

Boshoek 50 years

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