Holidaypark De Boshoek
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Brekr E-chopper

  • Environmentally aware
  • Stylish character
  • Can be rented daily

New among our offer of amenities: Brekr E-chopper

Starting July 2021, you can rent our Brekr E-chopper! This is an electric moped with a stylish design and an environmentally friendly character.

Discover the Veluwe by E-chopper from Holiday Park De Boshoek. Want to get a breath of fresh air with friends or your partner during a stay in Voorthuizen? The E-chopper allows you to explore the beautiful forested area. An ideal outing for during the summer holidays, but also when the weather is a little cooler. We provide you with marked routes and the E-chopper, to allow you to enjoy the experience!

  • Wearing a helmet while riding an E-chopper is not mandatory. You are, however required to have a driver's license of a moped certificate.
  • It is not possible to ride the E-chopper with more than one person (children are not allowed to sit on the back).

Where to rent?

You can rent the Brekr E-chopper atreception, online via our activity platform Events at the Veluwe, or easily via WhatsApp!

Costs of renting an E-chopper at the Veluwe

You will pay for a ride on the E-chopper per two or three hours. There are fixed starting times: 10:00 or 13:15.

2 hours riding € 29.95 p.p.
3 hours riding € 36.95 p.p.

You will pay a deposit of €50per E-chopper (up to a maximum of €150 per booking).

Safety on the road

Is it dangerous on the road because electric driving makes no noise? Definitely not! Our Brekr E-chopper uses electrified sound. This means other road users will hear, and therefore see, you coming. The sound is generated artificially and takes speed and gas throttle position into account.

Would you like to set out with friends or your partner? If so, you can combine your E-chopper with one of the culinary opportunities at Events at the Veluwe.

History Brekr E-chopper

Brekr is a new Dutch brand located in the Achterhoek. An area with many motorcycle enthusiasts and a rich history of motor cross. The name Brekr is derived from Achterhoek Dutch 'brekken'. A 'brekker' likes a party, likes music, is known to have a good time and rides or tinkers on motorcycles with a passion.

Live the Brekr experience now by exploring the area on this cool and environmentally friendly giant!