Enjoy snacks at De Boshoek

Enjoy delicious snacks, fries and take-out meals almost every day. The snack bar is located in the heart of De Boshoek, at Western Plaza, the large terrace and the Schater theater.

Cooking? Not today!

Cooking? You're on holiday! You really don't have to cook every day. Fresh fries, home-grilled chicken or refreshing ice cream all taste delicious after a day at the swimming pool or a bike tour through the beautiful surroundings of Voorthuizen.

Fries and pizza delivered at home!

Our Snack bar doesn't just prepare various snack dishes, but we also provide various pizza's and take-out dishes like grilled chicken or a hamburger menu. You can order by phone and we will deliver your order at your accommodation. You can do this via 06-18666628 or via the snack order form (free delivery from € 12.50).

We have extended opening times during the high season. In the low season we adjust our opening times.