How it all started with Keessie & Willie

Keessie & Willie are the mascots of Recreation Park De Boshoek. They have a long history. Curious about their story? Read it below!


Voorthuizen, more than 50 years ago

Where De Boshoek is located today used to be a very large forest and not a camping.
This was really long ago. Over 50 years ago.

Keessie is a cheerful boy who has traveled across the world and loves to talk about it. While searching for a place to sleep he arrives in Voorthuizen. He walks into the garden of the first house he sees. Everyone in Voorthuizen knows the lady who lives there. It's Countess de Harremaat, she doesn't just have the largest house but also the largest library of Voorthuizen.
Keessie walks to the front door when he sees a nice lady sitting in the garden, with large pink glasses on her nose. It's Willie. Willie cleans Countess de Harremaat's large library and reads to her every day. Now she's enjoying a cup of tea during her break. She wants to send the sloppy looking Keessie away when Countess de Harremaat approaches.

Mascots Keessie and Willie on the Veluwe | Recreation Park De Boshoek
Mascots Keessie and Willie on the Veluwe | Recreation Park De Boshoek

The Countess loves stories and Keessie has lots to tell her.

In exchange for his travel stories, Keessie is allowed to pitch his tent on the land of Countess de Harremaat, in the corner of the forest.

The days fly by. Countess de Harremaat wants to have Willie read to her more and more and wants to hear more and more travel stories from Keessie. One day Keessie and Willie are so tired, that they secretly go rest in the forest. The Countess discovers this and gets very angry.

She carefully takes a book from under her posh scarf. With gleaming letters it says "Ping Poof book" on the front cover of the book. She got this book as a gift from her friend the sorcerer. She is very careful with it.

The "Ping Poof book" makes wishes come true.

Mascots Keessie and Willie on the Veluwe | Recreation Park De Boshoek
Mascots Keessie and Willie on the Veluwe | Recreation Park De Boshoek
Mascots Keessie and Willie on the Veluwe | Recreation Park De Boshoek

With her wish that Keessie and Willie would forever stay with her at her estate, the "Ping Poof book" enchanted Keessie and Willie. A large wind and storm of star dust goes from the Ping Poof book along the trees, to Keessie and Willie. Keessie and Willie are enchanted! They will forever stay on the estate and they have received eternal life through the enchantment. They will exist forever!

Keessie thinks it's super fun, now he will be young forever. But Willie hasn't gotten used to it yet.
The wind and storm of star dust has traveled quickly through Voorthuizen.

Very soon everyone wants to hear a story from the adventurer who lives on the road at the house of Countess de Harremaat: the Harremaat road, in his tent there in the corner of the forest.
The people quietly pitch their tents there, exactly in the forest corner, so they have sleep over and enjoy Keessie's enthusiastic stories a little bit longer.
Countess de Harremaat gives her estate to Keessie and Willie and decides to go into the world to experience her own adventures.

Very soon after, Keessie and Willie put up a sign in the garden with "Camping the Forest corner" to get even more people to visit.

So, the enchantment has a happy ending. You don't believe in enchantments? Go and quickly take a look in the forest behind De Boshoek. The trees that went crooked from the large wind and storm of star dust still stand there today. And Keessie and Willie?
They're not done yet with going on adventures and telling stories.

The secret of the Ping Poof Book has been made into a Youtube series of Keessie & Willie. Watch it here and don't miss any adventure!
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