Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a list with frequently asked questions and topics that are addressed during your stay. Is your question not listed? Type the topic in the search field at the top right corner of this page.

Who can I call if I have urgent questions and the reception is closed?

If the reception is closed you can call the emergency number (06-31690878).

Is bed linen available at the accommodation?

While making your reservation, you can choose to make an extra booking per person for bed linen. For a fee, we will ensure that there's bed linen present at your accommodation. Duvets and pillows are always provided. You could also choose to bring your own bed linen.
Another option is to select the bed-making service. We'll ensure that the beds at your accommodation are made.

  • Bed linen/duvet cover package € 7.50 per person
  • Bed linen/duvet cover package + made beds € 12.50 per person

If you've already made your reservation but would still like to book bed linen as well, please contact us so we can help you complete your reservation by calling 0342-471297 or by sending an email to


Are there AED's present at the park?

There are 3 AED's (Automatic External Defibrillator) present at the park. These are located in the reception behind the counter, in the front of the toilet building of the camping park and at Western Plaza. An AED is a portable device that is used to reanimate a person with cardiac arrest. The AED applies through an automatic procedure an electrical shock in order to stop an interrupted heart rhythm.

Are dogs allowed during my stay?

Pets are permitted with restrictions. You can ask at the reception how many and where pets are allowed.

Is there WiFi at the park?

There's a wireless WiFi network available at the park. You can get the codes for internet access at the reception for a fee.

When is the reception open?

Current opening times can be found here on the website and on the door of the reception.

What time can I check in and out?

Stay at camping park: check in from 2 pm, check out until 11 am
Stay in rental accommodation: check in from 3 pm, check out until 10 am
Stay in hotel room: check in from 2 pm, check out until 11 am

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