1. Delicacies, social time and convenience under one roof
  2. Make your own tasty snacks
  3. Good for team building

Tapas is hard to describe; a free translation of tapa is "(little) roof".

We offer you: treats, fun and ease under 1 roof.
All this for just € 39.95 per person. You can book for as little as 4 people. If you want to come with more than 24 people, you can ask about the possibilities.

You have full access to the hall with open kitchen. Our PROEF cupboard has all the necessary ingredients for delicious tapas and fresh drinks. You can, in a relaxed environment and with the help of our recipes, translate your personality into fun and tasty tapas. A moment of pressure-free team building and time for each other, while enjoying tapas and a drink. That's how easy it can be.

The arrangement includes Sangria and lemonade, other drinks will be charged afterwards.

Direct bookings online

You will be referred to Events in the Veluwe, where you can book this workshop.

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Tapas Cooking workshop in Voorthuizen at Proef! De Boshoek