Entertainment Park De Boshoek offers two restaurants at the park. Ranging from a quick bite to eat to an elaborate group dinner, we offer plenty of options. Various activities can be booked, including bowling (at our own bowling lanes), buggy driving, cooking workshops and even children's parties.

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Group Restaurant Proef!: enjoy a dinner in a great atmosphere in Voorthuizen

At the backside of the park, you'll find Group Restaurant Proef! An atmospheric group restaurant where you can enjoy a wonderful dinner with a company of eight persons or more. Proef! also offers you the option of renting one of the halls for your birthday, anniversary, conference or wedding. The variety of activities, combined with the delicious food, will ensure a wide range of options. The enthusiastic and passionate team at Proef! would love to work with you in order to arrange your event or group dinner down to the last detail.



Active trips on the Veluwe with family or friends, or as company trip.
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Bistro Western Plaza: tasty dishes

At the center of the park, you'll find Bistro Western Plaza. A bistro with hospitality and atmosphere as its highest priorities. With the various plate dishes, buffets, pizzas and pastas and, of course, a tasty dessert, it offers something for everyone. The interactive bowling lanes are located below Western Plaza. You'll have the chance to play various games, and even to challenge the neighboring lane to a dual! Easily order your drink using the touch screen. The activities on offer can be combined with a variety of arrangements.
You can also have a children's party at Western Plaza. Various children's parties are available for reservation. Of course, the parties can be combined to celebrate the party exactly the way you would like to.
As a sports fan, you won't have to miss a single game at our Sports Bar Cheers. The large screens will allow you to view your favorite game from the front row.

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