1. Making a unicorn bottle
  2. Learn gymnastic exercises on the pony
  3. Combined with fries and a snack

Ponyclub De Boshoek: the perfect place to celebrate your children's party as a horse lover!

Pony riding at a children's party in Voorthuizen

The ponies in the Pony club enjoy looking their best.
And you can make sure they do! There are elastic bands and braids, but first we'll clean and brush the ponies.
Your pony will of course be the most beautiful pony of all of Voorthuizen, so it's time for a picture. The photo will be printed right away!

A nice memory of your children's party!

After grooming the ponies, we'll enjoy some nice horse games. From horseshoe throwing to "koekhappen" while sitting on a horse, it will be a blast!

Once you're done with all the activities at the Pony club, you're not ready yet.
The picture that was made still needs a nice photo frame, which you'll decorate yourselves at Western Plaza.

Children's party with pony riding and good food

No children's party is complete without chips, a snack of your choosing and unlimited lemonade! It's a good thing that we have more than enough of those at Western Plaza.
As an adult, you also have a party today. You're part of the party and for you we have chips, a snack of your choosing and unlimited hot drinks.

You'll pay €14.00 per child.
Reserve this children's party for 4 children or more.
1 pony will be available for every 2 children.

Reserve online

You will be transferred to Events on the Veluwe, where you can book this package.

Reserve your children's party here!

During July and August 2019 it is not possible to reserve pony parties for children due to the activities at the Pony Club during the summer holidays.