Horseback riding at the Veluwe

Horse vacation at the Veluwe: a real treat for you and your children! The pony club at De Boshoek offers friendly and well looked after ponies and horses that are used to children.

Renting a horse at the Veluwe

Thanks to the beautiful Veluwe, it's possible to go for an outside ride in the magnificent, wooded area. While horseback riding at the Veluwe, you will be able to enjoy the natural splendor all around you. Before setting out on the outside ride, we'll give you a brief introduction lesson in order for the instructor to judge whether you can go on a forest ride responsibly (riding experience required).

Please note!
Due to pony camp at De Boshoek, no horseback riding lessons or other activities will be possible at the Pony Club between June 22nd and June 24th.

Curious about our ponies? Have a look at them below!

Our Shetland Ponies


Puncky is a Shetland pony born in 2002. Shetland ponies owe their name to the Shetland islands in the far north of Scotland. Shetland ponies are viewed as one of the strongest kinds of ponies. Puncky owes her name to her manes, as they used to stand upright when she was little. Puncky is an incredibly sweet pony! She loves children, as well as horse treats! Puncky is often used as a walking pony, she thinks going for a walk through the woods is the best thing in the world!


Heidi is a Shetland pony, just like her friend Puncky! Together, they share the meadow they stand in. Not much is known about Heidi, her teeth and fur lead us to believe she was born around 1996. Heidi has always been a children's pony, and even ran some races. She's a great jumper as well! Heidi loves to be brushed, followed by a nice ride through the forest.


Eira is a palomino pony, it's a light yellow-gold color! At 1.15 m, she's not very tall. She makes up for that with her character, however.

She's very good with beginner riders (although a little stubborn at times), and presents a nice challenge for the advanced rider who hasn't grown too big yet.

Eira enjoys going along as a walking pony as well, she loves spending time outside and in the forest!


Our horses/ponies


Just like Keessie, Willie is a Fjord horse! Along with Keessie, he will pull the covered wagon for you. Willie is very good in the box, but a bit stubborn. He can ride dressage well, but he still finds it difficult to jump. I think that Willie is the most cuddly animal in the stable. He is also very happy for you to come and give him a pet and a hug. Willie is approximately 1.45 m high and might still grow a little more!


Tinkie is a Gypsy Cob with a very long mane and a nice thick tail. She loves it when you give her a beautiful braid! She is black and white and with the horses we call this piebald. Tinkie is about 1.46 m high and is very good for novice riders, and a challenge for advanced riders. She is sometimes a bit stubborn in the box, but in the forest she is very good. She likes to walk at the back
and can follow the rest well. Will you come and hug Tinkie soon?


Keessie is a strong fjord horse, four years of age. She's so strong that she can pull a wagon with lots of people in it. This allows you to go out for a great trip through the area. Keessie doesn't have a lot of experience being ridden, so we're going to practice that aspect at a calm pace.

What's so great about the Fjord breed, is that their manes are two colors and stand straight up! Keessie loves attention, and you can often find her standing at the front near the fence!

Be careful... She loves giving you a lick or a kiss!


Branco is a great riding pony for riders of all ages, both beginner and advanced! He's very calm when it comes to beginner riders, he sometimes even looks to the instructor when he's unsure what the rider means. This allows us to know when to clarify things a bit.

When you give Branco the right instructions, he'll do exactly what you ask him to!

Branco likes riding indoors, but the outdoors is where he really shines! He's nineteen years old, but still enjoys riding, being washed and cuddling as much as he ever did!


Flower is an approximately 1,45 m high Haflinger born in 1996. The Haflingers hail from the mountains in Austria. Flower's mother is called Patty, her father is Waro from the Haflinger ranch. Flower was born in a petting zoo and is very fond of children!

Flower is versatile horse who loves riding dressage in the arena, jumping and going for nice rides in the forest!


Vando is a gelding measuring about 1,60 m high and was born in 2005. Vando's mother is a Fjord, his father is a KWPN jumping horse. Vando's fur is isabel in color, this means a yellowish fur color. Vando also has an eel stripe on his back, this is the darker stripe visible from his wither to his tail.
Vando is a very versatile horse. he likes riding dressage and jumping. Vando even participated in a cross race one, but what he likes to do best is to go for a ride in the forest! Vando is a very sweet horse and loves to cuddle!


Pony/horseback riding at the Veluwe

Riders and amazons over five years of age can participate in the lessons or forest rides at De Boshoek. First we clean the pony and saddle it, after which you can participate in the pony lesson. The Veluwe is a beautiful area to go for a forest ride in. The lessons take place under expert supervision. Should there be too few participants or any if there is an event, some lessons may get canceled.
Lessons can be realized with prior discussion. For current lesson times, please contact

Pony or horseback riding for your diploma

Entertainment Park De Boshoek's Pony Club offers young riders the opportunity to master the beautiful sport of 'pony riding' and to learn all about horses, ponies and riding. You can enroll for two days during the school holiday in order to grow at your own level. Good execution during the exam will earn you a unique diploma and an unforgettable experience!

Horseback riding lessons for toddlers!
Is your child 3 to 5 years old and does he or she love ponies and horses? This is their chance! Learn all about caring for a pony and learn to ride one!
In a playful way, children learn how to handle and care for ponies, as well as the basics of horseback riding. The duration of the pony riding class is 45 minutes, of which about 30 minutes consists of riding the ponies. The rest of the time is spent on care.
The fee is € 10, you can register at ( or 06-10260733)

Riding lessons

On Tuesdays to Sundays, a riding lesson or forest ride can be booked.

Make your reservation for a riding lesson at our Pony Club in a timely fashion (at least one week before your stay) in order to avoid the disappointment of not being able to attend a full lesson during your stay.

Book via or 06-10260733

Book your horse vacation

Go for a horse vacation at the Veluwe! To ensure there's room, you can go ahead and book your lesson ahead of time via or call 0342-471297 or 06-10260733 (between 9.00 and 19.00).


Are you curious about the fees? Click here for the current fees.

Would you like to book a riding lesson? Click here for the questionnaire you can fill out.

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