GPS tour in the Veluwe with a scooter

Scooters become even more fun when you can go on a GPS tour across the Veluwe. We will enter a route for you, and you follow this route using the GPS device on your scooter. Getting lost is no longer an issue with our GPS tours in the Veluwe: you have the opportunity to discover the most beautiful places! Grab that opportunity and ask your traveling companions to accompany you on this special trip. You will certainly not regret it: a trip that everyone will be able to remember years later.

GPS tours: Hiking in the Veluwe

Do you prefer hiking? That is possible too. A GPS trip in the Veluwe can also be made on foot with the special GPS receiver. Because we will enter the route for you, you do not know what to expect in advance. Let yourself be surprised. Sometimes you will continue on where the path stops. Adventures are guaranteed with our GPS tours in the Veluwe!

GPS hiking tour on the Veluwe with klootschieten

Sports and games are perfectly combined in the GPS hiking tour in the Veluwe with klootschieten, or "ball throwing". With each GPS you can go on a tour through the beautiful forests of the Veluwe while playing klootschieten. Everyone tries to underhand throw a ball (the kloot) as far as possible. This way the course can be covered in as few throws as possible. The route will lead you through the most beautiful forests of the Veluwe. This is an ideal GPS trip in the Veluwe to go on with a group of friends, or with your family!

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