Depart by hooded wagon from Restaurant Proef! at 25 Brugveenseweg in Voorthuizen, this is at the back side of the park.

Cozy Hooded Wagon Trip at the Veluwe

After a warm welcome, you'll go on a rustic, 90-minute trip through the expansive forests and enjoy the most beautiful and luxurious hooded wagons found at the Veluwe.
To complete the event, you can be accompanied by the beautiful sound of an accordion player.

To end things off, a tender piece of meat from the stone grill (this can be added to the reservation), and your day will have been a success.

Going on a great trip in a Hooded Wagon with family or friends

€ 17.50 Per adult and € 10 per child (up to 11 years of age), can be booked for groups of at least 15 adults.

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