1. Unique buggy route
  2. Fun activity for groups
  3. Combined with a lunch

Price per adult €71.95 and per child up to 11 years €68.95

A beautiful route through the rural area of Voorthuizen. This route includes unpaved roads! This trip can be booked for 6 people or more under the supervision of an instructor.

Please note! This package is based on 2 people in each beach buggy. (surcharge for 1 person per beach buggy €37.50 for each beach buggy

You may drive a beach buggy with a valid driving license and common sense.

Driving time with map (1 or 2 beach buggies) 1:45 hours
Driving time under supervision (starting at 3 beach buggies) 1:15 hours
Time including arrival and welcome, instruction and lunch 3:30 hours

This Lunch package includes:

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This Lunch package consists of:

Lunch in the Veluwe at De Boshoek in Voorthuizen