Ride for your certificate at Ponyclub the Boshoek! Every holiday you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge about horses!

Every holiday you'll have the opportunity to come ride for a certificate. On Tuesday you'll get a special class where you'll learn even more about taking care of ponies and riding. And on Thursday you'll take your riding exam!

You can earn a certificate on every level. We have "Hoefijzer" for those who are just starting to learn horse riding. "Hoefzilver" for if you've already got some horse riding experience. And "Hoefgoud" for the riders who have a lot of experience!

You won't go home with only a certificate, but also with a surprise! A nice souvenir to remember the ponies and the Ponyclub of Holiday Park De Boshoek forever!

Get your diploma at the Boshoek Ponyclub during every school holiday!
Get your certificate at the Boshoek Ponyclub during every school holiday!
Get your diploma at the Boshoek Ponyclub during every school holiday!

Come ride at our Ponyclub

Here you can read everything about our Ponyclub and get to know the ponies!

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Do you have little (or no) experience with horses, but are you very fond of them and would you like to learn more about them? In that case, the Hoefijzer certificate is perfect for you! You will learn how to brush a horse, in which order the brushes are used and what they're called. Of course, riding will be covered as well! We'll teach you how to make your horse walk slower and faster as well as how to steer. In order to practice this, we will create a course at the riding arena for you to guide your horse through! During the riding exam on Thursday you will be asked questions about the brushes and how to perform the various actions. Luckily you won't have to take the certificate exam alone, instead you'll take it as part of a group, so you can always ask someone for help if you don't know the answer to a question!


Have you been riding for a while and would you like to learn more? In that case, Hoefzilver is perfect for you! You will revisit all of the skills you learned in Hoefijzer, the right way to brush and the names of the brushes. You will also learn how to saddle a horse by yourself. What are the names of the different straps, how much do you tighten each of them and how do you check this? During riding we will test your skills in acceleration, deceleration and steering by means of a course at the arena. Can you slalom through the cones while trotting, stop exactly at the indicated spot and bring something from one place to another while holding your reins in 1 hand?
You will learn all of it on Tuesday and show us that you can do it on Thursday!


Are you the experienced rider and would you like to know what level your skills are at? In that case, Hoefgoud is perfect for you! You will revisit all of the skills you learned during Hoefijzer and Hoefzilver, brushing and saddling the right way and in the right order. You will also learn about all of the parts of the saddle and bridle, for instance, do you know where to find the cheek piece? During the riding we will work on riding a dressage test in walk, trot and at a gallop! Do you know all the figures that you'll need to ride during this test, change hands, a broken line, the large circle and can you ride neatly at the letter? On Tuesday we will practice all of it and on Thursday you will take the exam!