Escape game in your accommodation

You can't miss the mysterious, solid oak crate of 50 kilograms. The goal is to decipher all riddles, combination locks, and other puzzles within one hour. You'll find back all aspects of an escape room, but there is one major difference: you can crack the crate in your holiday home.

What do you receive when you rent the escape crate?

  • The escape crate. This is 80 centimeters long, 50 centimeters wide, 50 centimeters tall, and weighs over 50 kilograms.
  • Access to the unique Kraak de Kist escape app. Through this app you'll receive instructions and an introduction video. While playing, a timer counts down, you can request hints, and we'll keep things exciting with background music.  At the end you'll see the final score, and we'll go through the tough parts of the crate in a video. You'll receive the one-time code for this by email.

 We will deliver the crate to your holiday accommodation, or you can pick up the crate in the town and return it yourself.

Additional information Kraak de Kist

  • € 39,- per crate
  • 2-6 persons
  • Groups possible upon request
  • Duration: about 2 hours per crate
  • Pick between 2 different crates

Crate 1: Solve the mystery of the art theft...

Two man are talking in the pub. They develop an idea to quickly make money. The Heineken kidnapping appears to be a 'good' example, but they won't kidnap people but want to plan an art theft, where they might even steal the most famous paintings in the Netherlands.

The works are in the well-guarded Kröller-Müller museum. They decide to go on a stakeout to find out the guard routes. They meticulously figure out how the alarms work, and search for weak spots in the security.

During discussions in the Kröller-Müller museum, it became clear that it was known that one window was not properly secured. The guards discussed this several times, and the thieves also noticed it.

On Monday night, December 12, 1988 at a quarter to nine in the evening, the time had come. The thieves strike and steal three world-renowned paintings by Vincent van Gogh. The Loom with Weaver, The Potato Eaters, and Four Cut Sunflowers. At the moment of theft, two guards are present. The alarm is noticed immediately. The second guard is informed by walkie-talkie. He is making his rounds at that moment. He also calls the police after 1.5 minutes, who arrive after 7 minutes. The thieves have already taken off by then, taking the three paintings, and the only lead is that the car used for the theft allegedly had French license plates.

Can you find back the paintings through tasks, puzzles, and secret hatches?


Crate 2: Help find Blackbirds treasure...

Ship ahoy, fellows. Oof, this crate is as heavy as an anchor.

I'm captain Hornigold. Captain Blackbeard still owed me this loot. I still know that darned freebooter from the past, I taught him how to board and keelhaul. Everything he now knows. He joined my crew in 1716 as sailor. He quickly rose through the ranks, and I put him in charge of a cutter we won. Together with that landlubber I boarded and captured a lot of vessels. On October 22, 1717 we plundered two ships. Including this crate on the Good Intent of Dublin. Blackbeard told me this was valuable treasure, but obfuscated it.

When governor Woodes Roger arrived, they decided to give lots of pirates a royal pardon. I decided to accept the pardon and left Blackbeard and the captains. Blackbeard promised me the obfuscated treasure of the Good Intent, which is how he ended up in charge of our fleet.

Blimey! I think Blackbeard, the old drunkard, deceived me, because it does not include a key. All hands on deck! Will you help me open the crate, you freebooters? We'll share the treasure.

I'll stay in touch with you through the modern viewing port. Blackbeard has given me some leads, which you can find here and can always look at. Tell me when you make progress. Then I will share new leads.

Ropes away!
Captain Hornigold